Monica Vitti: the last appearance before the illness

Monica Vitti: the last appearance before the illness

Monica Vitti has long since retired from the scene due to an illness. Here is his last appearance.

Monica Vitti, who celebrates her birthday on November 3, suffers from a degenerative disease similar to Alzheimer's disease, which forced her to withdraw from the scene. For several years Vitti has been hospitalized in a Swiss clinic where she receives the necessary care to stem this terrible disease of which little is known. Beside her only her dearest friends, her family and obviously her husband Roberto Russo.

The last public appearance dates back to March 2002 when Monica Vitti, who had long since retired to private life, took part in the first performance of the show Notre-Dame de Paris.

In the same period the 86-year-old actress also released her latest interview. Shortly afterwards the paparazzi photographed her first in the streets of Rome and finally in Sabaudia, together with her beloved husband. On November 6th 2003 the hospitalization was announced due to a fracture of the femur, then nothing more.

Today little and nothing is known about Monica Vitti. The actress chose some time ago to live this disease in total secrecy and her family is next to her. Despite this, some time ago the false news of his death came out, promptly denied by official sources. Already in 1988, the prestigious Le Monde had given for certain the death of the actress. At the time Monica Vitti had taken it with irony, commenting with her usual lightness and wit and thanking the French newspaper for having extended her life in that way.

The news that the actress is hospitalized in a Swiss clinic is also denied by her husband Roberto Russo. Vitti is in her home in Rome looked after by the family.

A very talented actress, a beautiful and strong woman, Monica Vitti has won numerous awards in her career. Among these 5 David di Donatello won as best leading actress, 3 Silver Ribbons, a golden Ciak for career, 12 Golden Globes, the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement in Venice and a Silver Bear for the Berlinale . In all these years, despite the absence, the fans have never stopped loving her and hoping that her health will improve.

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