I rub it into my scalp and my hair grows like crazy. A hit from the grocery store for a few zlotys

I rub it into my scalp and my hair grows like crazy.  A hit from the grocery store for a few zlotys

Home remedies for hair loss are not always as effective as specialized cosmetics tested in laboratories. The exception is certainly the black radish, also called black turnip. The juice from this plant effectively stimulates hair growth and prevents hair loss – which I have tested on myself many times. This ingredient is also found in many cosmetics, but it works best when squeezed out just before use. We provide a proven recipe.

I rub it into my scalp and my hair grows like crazy.  A hit from the grocery store for a few zlotys

Black radish is one of the cruciferous vegetables. It is by no means one of the most popular vegetables in Poland. It has quite a sharp taste and a specific smell, which is why it is used almost exclusively by connoisseurs of unusual taste sensations.

That is why such dishes as salad, soup or black radish puree are virtually unknown in our country. However, it is worth using it when hair problems occur – they fall out, become brittle or dry. Black radish juice will effectively solve these problems.

The black turnip hair phenomenon. Why does it work?

Black turnip contains many valuable ingredients, including vitamins A, C, K and B, minerals such as calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium, as well as phytonutrients (antioxidants), including zeaxanthin and lutein. Juice squeezed directly from the black turnip root is used in hair care.

After rubbing into the scalp, it stimulates blood circulation, also provides hair bulbs with valuable nutrients that strengthen them, thus reducing hair loss and stimulating the growth of “baby hair”. It is worth trying this method if you are losing hair due to stress, changes in diet or vitamin deficiency after winter.

Moreover, such a black turnip lotion reduces the oiliness of the scalp, cleanses it of dead epidermis cells and restores the hydrolipid balance, so it will work well in cases of severe seborrhea.

Recipe for black turnip puree

I have been using black turnip juice for hair growth for many years. My grandmother “sold” it to me. Initially, it was difficult for me to get used to the pungent smell of the juice, but time showed that it was worth persevering: the effects of using black turnip on hair appear relatively quickly.

Preparing the juice itself is very simple: just squeeze it in a juicer, or grate the root and squeeze the juice directly from the grated pulp into another container – preferably through gauze. The juice is then rubbed into the scalp, centimeter by centimeter – it can be applied with a syringe, cotton swab or fingers.

Like a hair mask, this treatment works better when warm, so it's a good idea to wrap your head in a towel for at least half an hour (the longer it stays on the skin, the better). Then just wash your hair as usual and use your favorite conditioner.