I tested an EGYM smart fitness room

I tested an EGYM smart fitness room

Intrigued by the EGYM technology discovered at the FITEX show, our journalist wanted to know if this intelligent gym really kept these promises. Dive with her into the future of fitness!

The Care For You space welcomes its members in a very bright and very cozy setting favoring woody textures. We are far from the gyms that smell of sweat and old treadmills… But even if we have the impression of being at home, we have not come for a nap either but indeed for a fitness session. And what better coach than the director of the EGYM brand, Patrick Chouvet, to guide us. Let’s go !

First step: I create my profile

Barely dressed, Patrick shows me the three rooms in the space: one for group classes, one for rehabilitation with specialists and one with the famous EGYM sports machines.

First step: You must create a profile saved in a bracelet, which will subsequently allow me to be recognized by the different machines. The main machine estimates my height using its camera (with astonishing precision). Then, the scale offers me a complete analysis: weight, body fat percentage, muscle mass, hydration rate… Next to each indicator, an evaluation “Very weak, Weak, Normal, Excellent” allows me to quickly grasp the points to improve.

A rather nice little note: the machine does not directly display the results in order to preserve user confidentiality. Quite useful if you’re not comfortable with other members of the room seeing your weight and body fat percentage!

Now that my profile is created, it’s time to start my session. Let’s go !

Second step: the cardio test

It’s time to get down to business, Patrick is taking me to the bike for a cardio test! Practical point: as soon as I badge my bracelet on the machine, it adjusts according to my size. I still have to adjust the saddle by myself.

For this test: twelve intensity levels of one minute each. Obviously, it’s the machine that gives me the rhythm and the speed. So no need to touch the settings! Throughout the levels, the machine challenges me to maintain a consistent pace. If the curve on the screen goes out of the frame, I lose… This fun aspect is ideal for providing challenge and staying motivated!

At the end of each level: the machine asks me for an evaluation of my feelings on a scale of 1 to 10. If at the beginning, I chat quietly with Patrick, at the end, I can no longer be heard at all… The curve goes out of the frame… It’s lost!

Third step: the fitness session

After cardio, it’s not the time to relax! Patrick opens the way for me to fitness machines. Once again, a swipe of the badge and the machine is ready to welcome me.

Essential step before starting training: evaluate my maximum load for each machine. “The machines regularly measure maximum force in order to constantly provide the right stimulus for each person, during each workout” Patrick tells me. Thanks to innovative loads, no need to load and unload weights. A huge time saving compared to standard machines!

Once the maximum load has been assessed, it is possible to choose from eight different programs: immunity boost, weight loss, muscle development, physical condition, silhouette, athletics, rehabilitation and metabolic strengthening. Everyone can find a program that meets their goals. But what are the real differences between these options? “LParameters such as the number of repetitions, the load and the speed of execution of the movement vary depending on the program selected” the expert tells me. For my part, I opt for the athletic program because I want to work on my explosiveness. Here we go!

To carry out the movement, the fun aspect is once again present: a cursor shows me the path on the screen and I have to follow it to catch coins. It’s like a video game, the goal is not to miss any piece by doing the movement correctly! At the end, the number of coins caught is displayed as a percentage. A really effective technique: we have fun during the effort so we feel less difficulty! Furthermore, I am sure that I am performing the movement at the right speed.

For each program, the exercises alternate between upper and lower body. “The body is worked in its entirety during each session. This rhythm helps to maintain a good balance. underlines Patrick. A good point because in standard gyms, some may tend to favor one muscle group while forgetting to work other parts of the body (we all have in mind the male profiles of “cotton buds” with big arms and legs filiform). The director of EGYM emphasizes the importance of “preserve balance to ensure the proper functioning of the body”.

Small drawback: I notice that certain machines, such as the press, are not adapted to my size. The director then admits that these machines “are rather designed for people measuring at least 1m65, like standard gym machines“. Too bad for me who is only 1m60! (… like a lot of women in fact).

Another important point: intelligent machines do not prevent you from making a wrong move. As with standard equipment, I have to pay attention to my position. The machines do not give specific information on possible errors. So there’s no question of doing without the coach!

Patrick Chouvet tells me that competitions can be organized using the EGYM application. Excellent idea ! This adds challenge to a sport that sometimes lacks it.

Fourth step: the mobility test

Once the fitness part is finished, return to the main machine. Patrick takes the opportunity to give me one last test: mobility.

Nothing very complicated, just place yourself in the camera’s field of view and follow the instructions. This is the part where I was least comfortable… and the machine made it clear to me that I lacked flexibility.

Fortunately, this complete room offers me flexibility equipment. In this separate space: no screen but instructions displayed on the walls of the room. The pace of work is explained, just follow the lights: orange corresponds to the training phase; yellow indicates that you must change sides; and blue corresponds to the machine change. Once again it’s very intuitive!

Final (and dreaded) step: analyzing the results

I passed all the tests, it’s time for the verdict! The main machine can now reveal my “Bioage” to me (if I obviously want to). “This is based on the general level of health as well as the current performance of the individual” Patrick tells me, “it corresponds to the average of four ages: cardio, metabolic, flexibility and strength”.

Small drawback: the machine cannot estimate an age below 21 years. The director of EGYM explains to me that“Ages are calculated based on the data of registered people with a similar composition to yours.”

With this analysis, it is possible to know lots of details on the points to work on. The ultimate goal ? Be 21 years old in each category!

In the details of the “Strength” category, I can see the age of each part of my body. For my part, the results are balanced, phew! Patrick assures me that the machine would have detected the slightest imbalance.

Good in his body, good in his head!

Verdict: my opinion on the EGYM gym

This very high-tech equipment is very intuitive and very simple to use. Perfect for people who don’t know how to go about the gym! They thus respond to the problems often posed in sports halls, namely the lack of instruction and the risk of injuries with unsuitable loads. Too bad, however, that they are not suitable for those under 1m65…

Regular athletes will also be won over by these machines, which avoid wasted time and lack of safety when changing weights. The load is perfectly adapted to the person and their training mode. Guaranteed results!

The playfulness with the pieces in particular is really fun. You get into the game very quickly and seeing your performance increase from session to session is a real motivating factor.

Another interesting point: there is constant turnover between the different machines. As the working time only lasts a few minutes, there is no need to wait very long for someone to finish their exercise before you!