If someone says these 7 phrases often, they may be unhappy

If someone says these 7 phrases often, they may be unhappy

A friend or loved one who is not well is not always easy to identify. But some repeated innocuous little phrases could put you on the path. Here are 7 phrases to spot, to help you better.

“I’m not well” is not necessarily an easy sentence to pronounce for someone at the end of their rope. But if you care about your loved ones, listen: certain clues can evoke a difficult passage and, without being a request for help, invite you for more support. 7 little sentences thrown around can say a lot and ask you to know more.

“I’m probably being dramatic, don’t pay attention”

The sentence sometimes comes after a confession (about work, about the couple, etc.) that your friend punctuates with “no, but I’m being dramatic, excuse me”, as if he had poured out too much and didn’t want to worry you. On the contrary, the sentence indicates a need for support and comfort: “no you are not being dramatic and your feelings are valid” would undoubtedly be the best answer to give.

“I’m just tired”

The phrase is the classic expression of people wanting to draw attention away from themselves. She doesn’t seem in good shape “no but I’m tired that’s all”, seems to end the debate. However, if it is indeed possible that your friend is tired for a specific reason (it happens to all of us), such a phrase that comes up regularly should raise questions for you. Fatigue is a symptom of factors such as stress, anxiety and even depression. When it is permanent it can hide a deeper problem.

“I’m so jealous.”

Here again, it is the repetition of the sentence that raises the question. Your friend may absolutely be jealous of a colleague who is going on a great trip, or who has bought the car of his dreams. But when a person regularly discusses jealousy of other people, it can demonstrate a lack of satisfaction with their own life and a focus on their own daily problems.

“There’s a lot going on right now.”

Yes, daily life can be very busy certain weeks of the year. But a person who always seems to have too much to do is a bad sign. Being constantly stressed can reduce a person’s level of well-being. It may be time to offer your help, or to take it easy

“I can’t take a break.”

Hearing this phrase repeatedly suggests there is something more going on. If you notice someone always saying they can’t take a break, it could be a sign that they’ve fallen into negative thoughts and are doing their best to hide their unhappiness.

“I just need to get through this week/month/year, then I’ll be fine”

Hearing someone regularly say “I just need to get through this period.” is a sure sign that he is hiding his stress and thinks life must be “endured.” There are many reasons why someone might feel this way, but there are also many ways to move forward. So your friend needs support, once again.

Good in his body, good in his head!

“I’m fine, don’t worry.”

Ironically, this is the phrase “I’m fine do not worry” which should ultimately worry you. Some people aren’t very good at asking for or even accepting help from others. But the truth is that everyone needs support from others at some point in their lives. If you have a friend who constantly says this phrase like a mantra, it may be time to take a break and have a heartfelt conversation to show them that you are a caring friend.

Sometimes being a friend also means refusing to accept their first answer and digging a little deeper to understand what’s really going on, when the sentences repeat themselves. Your simple listening can change things and provide the starting point for the person to actually work on themselves.