Illuminate the body with jewels: the trend of body chains

Illuminate the body with jewels: the trend of body chains
Illuminate the body with jewels: the trend of body chains

With the arrival of the beautiful season, we leave more portions of skin uncovered; why not think about them too, when we want to use jewels in our looks? Let’s discover the fashion of the body chain and how to exploit it with our wardrobe.

What is a Body Chain?

In view of the summer, and of a spring season that allows us to gradually discover (if we want) more and more portions of leather, fashion takes advantage of it and brings body chains back into vogue, real long chains which, threaded head or tied at the waist, they can adorn our bust, décolleté and/or hips. It is an ideal jewel for spring and summer, to be worn on the beach together with our favorite bathing suit or to be glimpsed through transparencies and crop or low-waisted garments, for an exceptional casual chic effect. Like most of the trends that are all the rage at the moment, also in this case it is a revival of the nineties / two thousand: Y2K fashion, in fact, included this kind of accessory (and Christina Aguilera demonstrates it in this shot, during the his performance at the Bet Awards in 2001).

The fashion of unconventional jewels

Obviously, the celebrities drove us crazy for the body chain: Kim Kardashian would seem to have been the first to show off a shiny gold chain on her waist, in a shot in the shower where she promotes her bikini collection. Then Rita Ora appeared, on the beach and with a similar, albeit more colorful look; finally, Hailey Bieber, during the Coachella music festival, posted a photo in which, under the white tank top, you can see a thin chain of diamonds crossing the bust: simple and effective (but not cheap, that’s for sure). Obviously, the body chain is not a luxury for stars: the accessory, perhaps in different models, formats and materials, can be purchased and worn by anyone who wants to show it off. But how can it be combined?

All the ways to wear the body chain

Obviously, we think above all of the more summery looks: with a simple costume or a two-piece suit, the body chain gives its best, as it shows itself in all its beauty and, possibly, complexity of weaves. However, that’s not the only way we can wear this chain; in fact, as Christina Aguilera teaches us, it also looks great over tight and light clothes. Why not embellish a simple sheath dress, for example, with a bright twist? Finally, as Bieber did, it is possible to show the chain just below our other clothes, leaving it only partially visible and thus recreating a see-through effect with a jewel.