In Europe, pets live well in the city

In France, pets live well in the city

In many French homes, pets have become full-fledged members of the family. But living with them in the city is not always easy, given that municipal infrastructure is not always adapted to the animals. However, many inhabitants of Europe like to live together in urban space with these little companions.

In detail, 78% of French people appreciate sharing urban space with pets, according to a new OpinionWay/Mars Petcare survey. This feeling is particularly predominant among 35-49 year olds (85%). Because coming across a dog or cat in the street is often experienced as a positive experience. More than a third of French people say they smile when they come across one of these furballs while going shopping or going to the office (39%). Some 29% of them even approach them to pet them and play with them, while 20% say this encounter brightens their day.

Despite this enthusiasm, owning an animal can be a challenge for city dwellers. Some owners have difficulty taking public transport or entering a store with their little companion. They often have to resolve to let him tie up in the street or to limit their outings in town with him.

However, a significant proportion of French people consider the “pet-friendly” dimension of a city as an asset. Some 46% of those surveyed believe that this would even be a determining factor if they considered moving in the future. The promotion of animals in the city involves various developments such as the creation of caniparks, walking areas, water points or even bins where dog waste can be thrown away. Because the question of cleanliness is essential to ensure that humans and animals coexist peacefully in urban space. The French are aware of this since 85% of dog owners say they systematically pick up their dog’s droppings. Only 4% of respondents say they never do it.

Overall, the inhabitants of Europe are satisfied with the living environment that French cities offer to domestic animals. Three-quarters of them believe that their municipality welcomes them well. The Ile-de-Europe Region has even made it one of its fights. In particular, she created the “Animal Friendly City” label in 2020, in order to encourage Ile-de-Europe municipalities to ensure the well-being of these furballs. And it works: 54 towns in the Region were awarded this label last year.

*This survey was conducted by OpinionWay, for Mars Petcare, with a sample of 1,208 people, representative of the French population aged 18 and over. The interviews were carried out from September 6 to 13.