Tok beauty: perfect contouring inspired by aesthetic medicine

Tok beauty: perfect contouring inspired by aesthetic medicine

Who said makeup is all about self-expression and creativity? Certainly not Dr. Charles Puza, a New York-based dermatologist who popularized a “science-based” method for achieving flawless contouring. The idea? Draw almost millimeter lines to apply the right dose of product, and above all precisely define the areas of shadow and light. A technique already tested and approved by millions of users on TikTok.

Popularized by Kim Kardashian in the 2010s, contouring has since given rise to a multitude of techniques, each more innovative – sometimes eccentric – than the last. We have seen this in particular with trends that have become viral, such as rainbow contouring, which is extremely covering, cup contouring, which is very artistic, or even tape contour which is based on the use of adhesive tape. But today it is a method unveiled by a doctor, Dr. Charles Puza, known on social networks as Dr. Charles, which is creating a buzz. And for good reason, the dermatologist explains that this tip is based on certain principles of aesthetic medicine, and more broadly science.

Unlike many other beauty techniques spotted on the Chinese social network, this one does not have a specific name, but many TikTokers, including big names in influence in the makeup sector, who have already validated. The video has also exceeded the three million views mark in just over a month on TikTok, and has accumulated nearly 170,000 views on Instagram. “Did you know that we can use many principles of cosmetic procedures for makeup? Here’s how to contour based on science,” we can read in the preamble on Meta’s social network.

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To reproduce this contouring, simply take a stick corresponding to the color of your skin, then draw a first line going from the wing of the nostril to the tragus (the projection positioned just above the lobe of the nose). ‘ear), as well as a second line going from the outer corner of the eye to the corner of the mouth. Once this first step is accomplished, all that remains is to locate the point of intersection between the two lines, which would mark, according to Dr. Charles, the prominent part of the cheek. It is now necessary to trace the real contouring line which starts from the tragus then follows the second line, passing through the intersection, to go down towards the corner of the mouth, in order to shade the area located below this final line. That’s it !

Note that the dermatologist offers this tip for contouring for women, but also deciphers the method to adopt for these gentlemen on his Instagram account. There is no doubt that such a technique validated by a health professional should be quickly relayed, and establish itself as an essential tip. Especially since it won’t be the last. Dr. Charles has already made it known that he is preparing other videos to share his tips for applying highlighter or blush, and that he will of course continue to provide his numerous and valuable advice on the health of the skin, which after all remains its specialty.

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