In retro style, with meaning and in the form of a dragon: choosing Christmas tree decorations

In retro style, with meaning and in the form of a dragon: choosing Christmas tree decorations

With the symbol of the coming year

A toy with the symbol of the coming year is a must-have attribute for holiday decorations. It won’t be difficult to choose one to suit your style. So, for example, Gusev Crystal Factory named after. A. Maltsova produced crystal dragon figurines in different shades, from delicate turquoise to bright red. “White Workshop” is made of noble snow-white porcelain, and TSAR completely decorated it with glass beads.

Made of wood and ceramics

Christmas tree decorations made of wood and ceramics radiate a special warmth, so they will give the tree a sweet and touching look. Tatyana Kisulina, founder of the KTUDECOR brand, released cute horses made of natural wood, and Svetlana Kilyakova created a whole mushroom meadow made of ceramics: chanterelles, fly agarics and colorful russula.

From glass, crystal and porcelain

Refined and elegant toys made of glass, crystal and porcelain will be a worthy addition to the family collection of New Year’s decorations, which will be passed down from generation to generation. Thus, the “Pine Pine” toy was created by hand from bisque porcelain in the Klimenkoff workshop; in addition, some of the elements are plated with gold. An original option is the Toy’s Delight Decoration set from Villeroy & Boch, consisting of three porcelain items: a serving plate, a coffee mug and a cup on a saucer. Each element is made in white and red tones in a recognizable Christmas style. To add more atmosphere, the dishes are decorated with images of children’s toys, a decorated fluffy fir tree and sweets.

In retro style

A set of Honeycomb festive paper decorations from Tkano is the easiest way to add a touch of nostalgia to your festive interior. The decorations are made in different colors, come complete with threads and are easily folded thanks to magnets. The “Two Cheerful Geese” set from Moscow artist Alexandra Makhova will take you back to childhood even more quickly—the characters from an old children’s cartoon are made by hand.

With meaning

On the eve of the New Year, NO ONE has prepared a special surprise for shopaholics – a limited set of handmade porcelain Christmas tree decorations that accurately replicate the iconic models of the brands presented in the boutiques – Carrie pumps from Principe di Bologna and Ivy bags from the Le Silla collection. In turn, 2MOOD decided to help others with the help of Christmas tree decorations. On the brand’s website you can find toys hand-knitted at a factory in Vladimir. The brand will transfer profits from the sale to the Konstantin Khabensky Charitable Foundation.