Introspection: 5 questions to ask yourself to take stock of your life

Introspection: 5 questions to ask yourself to take stock of your life

It’s not always easy to take stock of your life. But certain questions allow us to see things more clearly. The proof by 5 with Amélie Boukhobza, clinical psychologist.

Moving forward also means knowing how to question yourself. But we know: self-analysis is a very difficult test.

Taking stock is useful, especially at times in your life when you are in the dark, a little floating, losing meaning… As soon as you feel lost, taking stock is beneficial. to (re)give direction to your life“, says Amélie Boukhobza, clinical psychologist.

Is this where I want to be?

“On a personal level, we can ask these kinds of questions, especially if we have the impression of going in circles, of vegetating in the same circles“, estimates the expert.

Do I love myself in this relationship?

Then, if one doubts one’s romantic feelings, the following questions should be asked: “Do I love myself in this relationship? Does this relationship bring me towards something good and towards myself or takes me away from who I am at the start? You have to be aligned with who you are, your values, without betraying yourself or losing yourself in the relationship. It’s actually much easier to reason like that, rather than wondering if you still love the other.“, specifies Amélie Boukhobza.

Does my work, what I do every day, have meaning?

Many people repeat it in the office: “My life has no meaning”. It is therefore a real fear or question. To answer it, it’s better to take a break, take a few days away from your daily life. The objective? Take stock when you get home and boost your energy.”underlines the psychologist.

Where did I see myself at that age when I was a teenager or a child?

I find this question very interesting. I asked myself this question recently. Of course, dreams are big at 15, but we can think about the broad outlines of where we wanted to be as a teenager, and how, in one way or another, we made the dreams come true. had“, confides the expert.

Good in his body, good in his head!

Do I want to change things?

“This is an essential question! Rather than always dreaming of another life, we must do things, finally take action”concludes Amélie Boukhobza.