Is eating sandwich bread good for your health? Here is the opinion of our nutritionist

Is eating sandwich bread good for your health?  Here is the opinion of our nutritionist

For breakfast, snack or dinner, do you love sandwich bread? Caution. This could well be bad for your health, according to our nutrition expert, Alexandra Murcier.

Whether it is enjoyed as toast for breakfast or as a savory slice of bread at dinner time, sandwich bread occupies a special place on our plates. The French are rather fond of them since 86% of them buy them according to a 2021 survey by the QualiQuanti research institute for the Federation of Bakery and Pastry Companies (FEB). But this food should not be consumed in excess. Explanations.

An “ultra-processed” food

If wholemeal bread is excellent for your health; its cousin, sandwich bread, is a little less so. Moreover, this industrial bread is not real bread, underlines Alexandra Murcier.

It is an ultra-processed food, with a fairly high glycemic index. It therefore quickly increases blood sugar levels, which will result in an increase in insulin, a hormone which will promote fat storage. Sliced ​​bread is therefore not interesting for anyone and even less so for those who are careful about their weight or who are diabetic. This food full of preservatives and additives should therefore be avoided as much as possible.“, assures the expert.

Another disadvantage of white sandwich bread: it is devoid of fiber, which nevertheless facilitates intestinal transit and helps control blood sugar levels.

As for wholemeal bread or cereals: “It will also remain less interesting than real wholemeal bread.“, warns Alexandra Murcier.

Prefer wholemeal bread!

In terms of practicality, if many consumers appreciate the format, in slices, and the long shelf life of sandwich bread, the dietitian-nutritionist specifies: “It is entirely possible to store your wholemeal bread, already sliced, in the freezer. It will then be enough to take one or more slices every day..

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