It costs PLN 5 and works like an iron on wrinkles. Crow’s feet disappear once or twice

It costs PLN 5 and works like an iron on wrinkles.  Crow's feet disappear once or twice

In an era of a wide range of cosmetics, where every product promises miracles, sometimes what is simple and inexpensive turns out to be the most effective. If your skin is crying out for help, the key to its regeneration may be waiting on the shelf of your nearest pharmacy, not in a luxury beauty salon.

It costs PLN 5 and works like an iron on wrinkles.  Crow's feet disappear once or twice

Peptides are one of the most popular solutions in the fight against the signs of skin aging. But did you know that for pennies in the pharmacy you can find a product with a similar effect? This cheap ointment can be a revolution in your skin care.

Ointment from the pharmacy for wrinkles. It costs only PLN 5

Peptides, often called “non-invasive Botox”, have the ability to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, where they fight loss of firmness and elasticity. Thanks to them, the cosmetics work not only against wrinkles, but also against cellulite and slimming.

However, not everyone can afford expensive cosmetics with peptides. This is where our secret weapon comes into play: vitamin A ointment, available in pharmacies for only PLN 5. It is known for its smoothing effect on fine lines and wrinkles. Its main ingredient is retinol palmitate, a derivative of vitamin A. It is also enriched with tocopheryl acetate, i.e. vitamin E, and paraffin, which protects the skin from drying out.

Ointment from the pharmacy that works wonders

By using vitamin A ointment regularly, you can achieve the following effects:

  • The skin becomes smooth and velvety.
  • Its flexibility improves.
  • The visibility of wrinkles and furrows is significantly reduced.
  • The skin becomes better moisturized and nourished.

However, like any product, this ointment can have some side effects. It is therefore worth using it in moderation and as recommended to avoid unwanted effects, such as the formation of blackheads.

What to use vitamin A ointment for

In addition, vitamin A ointment has many other uses. It works great as a lip balm, hand and foot cream or a preparation for irritation. It can be used all year round, regardless of age.

Before you decide to use it permanently, however, it is worth consulting a dermatologist, especially if you have sensitive skin. It is worth remembering that not every product will be suitable for everyone.