It’s hard to believe he’s 80 years old. Urszula Dudziak revealed how she takes care of her beauty

It's hard to believe he's 80 years old.  Urszula Dudziak revealed how she takes care of her beauty

Urszula Dudziak, known as the icon of Polish jazz, still delights with her beauty and impeccable figure. She looks definitely younger than her age suggests. The artist revealed what her secret was.

Urszula Dudziak

The respected jazz vocalist Urszula Dudziak won the hearts of listeners not only in Poland, but also in the United States and Canada. She is undoubtedly loved for her unique singing technique, distance, sense of humor and positive energy. Her hit “Papaya” is still hummed by millions of fans.

For Urszula Dudziak, time stopped. This is how she cares about beauty

Even though she is in her eighties, the artist looks amazing, and many women can envy her figure. How does she take care of her beauty? She revealed her recipe for staying young in an interview with the “Twój Styl” website. It is not as complicated as it may seem.

Urszula Dudziak has developed habits that she remains faithful to. By washing your face with cold water every morning, you can enjoy beautiful and smooth skin.

– Cold water to welcome the day! As soon as I wake up, I run to the bathroom and wash my face with ice water. I have been doing it since childhood and it is an unconditional reflex for me. I believe that thanks to this I still have beautiful skin and few wrinkles – admits the singer.

How does Urszula Dudziak make it look so beautiful?

The singer proves that age is just a number. He leads an extremely active life, constantly gives concerts and gives motivational speeches in smaller Polish cultural centers to encourage others to take action. She is bursting with energy because she cares about eating healthily and properly. Her menu is dominated mainly by vegetables and fruits. He reaches for nutritious food products, familiarizes himself with their composition, so he consciously decides what and how much he will eat.

In turn, the artist said in an interview with WP that she is a bit addicted to coffee. – I try not to drink more than one or two cups a day. I read product labels carefully, I won’t be fooled, she said.

She also emphasized that she uses the services of a macrobiotic specialist who grows healthy, organic vegetables. – He provides me with a wonderful dinner every day. I only make breakfast. And my dinner looks like this: a bowl of fruit. I don’t overeat, I eat enough to satisfy my hunger. Unless I’m tempted by something really delicious. I don’t torture myself, I live life to the fullest, she added.

She is a fan of this sport

Urszula Dudzika is a promoter of healthy eating, but also a sports fan. He doesn’t forget about his daily dose of exercise. She has been involved in sports from a young age – she played basketball, trained high jumps and ran. However, the love for tennis won. She used to spend every free moment on the court.

Urszula Dudziak’s life is full of activity. – I stopped yoga for a while, but I need to get back to meditation. When I’m in the countryside, I have a rower, a baton for gymnastic exercises, Boguś and I play ping-pong, tennis, we have a pond, we swim in it with frogs – said the singer in “Plejada Live”. He is constantly on the move and doesn’t know what it means to be bored.