Jennifer Aniston uses this under her eyes. It costs PLN 2 and you can buy it in any pharmacy

Jennifer Aniston uses this under her eyes.  It costs PLN 2 and you can buy it in any pharmacy

Do you spend a fortune on eye creams to keep the skin around them in good condition? Popular actress Jennifer Aniston has a much cheaper way to do it. As one of the most attractive women in the world of show business argues, you can buy the best eye cosmetic in any pharmacy – Vaseline for PLN 2.

Jennifer Aniston uses this under her eyes.  It costs PLN 2 and you can buy it in any pharmacy

If you envy Jennifer Aniston for her beautiful, radiant skin, go to the pharmacy and buy plain Vaseline. The actress admits that she rubs it into the skin under her eyes every day before going to bed. In her opinion, it is Vaseline that protects her from wrinkles around the eyes and reduces bags and dark circles. Jennifer Aniston also uses Vaseline on her eyebrows and eyelashes. I also lubricate them with Vaseline at night. Skin care with this simple, traditional and extremely cheap cosmetic is one of the beauty tricks her mother passed on to her.

Vaseline – what to use it for

The main ingredient of Vaseline is paraffin, a mixture of hydrocarbons that is chemically unreactive and has low solubility in water.

Vaseline is a popular skin care product and is used for various purposes such as:

  • Moisturize the skin: Vaseline acts as a barrier that helps retain moisture in the skin. It can be used on dry or chapped skin to moisturize and soften it.
  • Skin protection: Thanks to its thick consistency, Vaseline creates a protective layer on the surface of the skin, protecting it against external factors such as wind, frost or moisture.
  • Treating Chapped Lips: Vaseline is often used to soothe dry, chapped or cracked lips. It can be used as a lip balm to help keep your lips soft and moisturized.
  • Makeup removal: Vaseline can be used to gently remove makeup, especially waterproof mascara and lipstick.
  • Treatment of minor burns and sores: Vaseline can help soothe skin irritation caused by minor burns, abrasions or sores.
  • Baby Skin Care: It is safe to use on babies’ delicate skin and may help prevent diaper rash.

Vaseline for special tasks

Vaseline can be safely used in daily care, not only under the eyes, eyelashes and eyebrows. It is an ingredient of many care lipsticks, which perfectly takes care of the condition of our lips. Vaseline is a skin-safe product that, despite its greasy consistency, does not clog pores and does not penetrate the epidermis. However, it protects the skin against drying and water loss. Therefore, it is perfect for the care of dry, sensitive and mature skin. It is not recommended to use it only in people with oily and acne-prone skin.

If you have dry or sensitive skin, try Vaseline facial treatment. This is a procedure from Asia called slugging. After cleansing your facial skin and applying the night cream, lubricate your face with Vaseline and leave it on until the morning. This treatment soothes irritations, softens the skin, and stimulates repair processes and rejuvenates. It can also be used on the skin of the feet, elbows, hands and knees.

Vaseline is a product with many uses and is available over the counter in pharmacies and grocery stores. It is important to remember that it is not intended for internal use, e.g. as a substitute for swallowed oil. Before using Vaseline for medicinal purposes, it is always worth consulting your doctor or pharmacist, especially if you have problematic skin or skin allergies.