Just 5 minutes a day is enough and your hair will stop becoming greasy. The hat trick is a hit

Just 5 minutes a day is enough and your hair will stop becoming greasy.  The hat trick is a hit

In winter, basically all hair is bad. Oily, dry or tandem (oily at the scalp, dry at the ends). The nest hairstyle dominates. Almost everyone blames hats for their problems, but these can actually help us with greasy hair. Try this quick method.

Just 5 minutes a day is enough and your hair will stop becoming greasy.  The hat trick is a hit

Winter doesn’t love hair either. Greasy hair may be partly the result of wearing a hat that is too thick, made of the wrong material and causes overheating of the scalp, preventing it from breathing. However, we must remember that the body itself produces more sebum to protect us from the cold. A winter diet and changing weather conditions are also not good for the beauty and health of your hair. So what to do?

Hat trick for oily hair

It will take you literally a moment. Before leaving the house, make sure the hat is clean and fresh (smell, touch, look at it). If so, take action.

Before putting the hat on your hair, spray the inside thoroughly with dry shampoo. The product will absorb excess sebum that would normally weigh down the hair.

Beauty experts declare that it works. We can tell you in confidence that applying dry shampoo to your hair also works, and applying it after removing your hat to refresh your hair is reliable. Why should spraying your hat be more effective? This is the secret of self-proclaimed hair stylists.

It is worth knowing that all these solutions only work temporarily and do not solve the problem of oily hair.

Why does my hair get oily?

Excessive sebum production is rarely a health problem requiring dermatological or endocrinological treatment. It may be the result of seborrheic dermatitis, hormonal disorders or mycosis, but these are rather rare cases.

Most often, excessively oily hair is caused by inappropriate care and diet, genetic predispositions, medications taken, and even habitual touching of the hair too often.

Discovering the actual cause often helps to significantly reduce the problem.

How to care for your hair in winter

If you have a problem with oily hair, it is definitely worth, at least for some time, switching from a nice-smelling cleanser to a pharmacy product that is safe and regulates the functioning of the sebaceous glands of the scalp without drying it out.

The ingredients of shampoos with this effect include peppermint, burdock, B vitamin complex and natural clays, but you can certainly consult a pharmacist to help you choose the right product.

Try to limit the use of hair styling products during the winter season, and if you can’t, consider scalp peeling. Ready-made preparations are widely available.

Remember that the diet of people with oily hair should be rich in omega-3 acids, zinc, iron, vitamin C and B vitamins. Avoid spicy and fatty dishes.

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