K-Beauty sunscreens are essential in our beauty routines

K-Beauty sunscreens are essential in our beauty routines

For several months, the K-beauty wave has been flooding our social networks, and this tidal wave does not seem ready to stop. If Korean cosmetics have become essential, one product in particular is arousing consumer interest as summer approaches. This is Korean sunscreen.

You only need to take a look at the Internet, and more particularly on social networks, to realize to what extent K-beauty has become essential. Its success outside the borders of South Korea can be explained, in part, thanks to the rise of K-pop and its many idols with immaculate skin. If we are to believe Internet users, one of their secrets to obtaining an unreal glow lies in… sunscreen.

The madness of “Made in Korean” products

But it’s not just any sunscreen. Those from South Korea would have very different virtues than those found in stores. South Korean sunscreen is said to protect the skin from UV rays, while providing additional skin care benefits. There are a multitude of “made in Korea” sun protectors suitable for different skin types, which makes it possible to meet everyone’s needs.

But Korean sunscreens are very popular with cosmetic enthusiasts because they do not leave a white finish on the skin. Ideal for not compromising your makeup, while ensuring that your skin is protected from external aggressions.

Sunscreen, a beauty essential

Although many associate sunscreen with summer vacations, it is strongly recommended to put it on before each outing. Because the total screen does not only protect the skin from ultraviolet rays. This product also limits premature skin aging, and therefore the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also helps prevent visible skin damage (brown spots, etc.), especially in people with dark skin.

This is why it is crucial to apply sunscreen every day, even when the sky is cloudy or in winter. For a real protective effect, it is important to apply 2 mg of sun protection per square centimeter of skin. This corresponds to two teaspoons, or half a tablespoon, for the entire face (including the ears, nape and neck).

Where to find “K-beauty” products?

Although many Korean brands such as Erborian, Laneige and Dr Jart+ have managed to establish themselves in stores like Sephora, it can be difficult to buy the “K-beauty” products that we see on the Internet. But the demand for these cosmetics is such that several dedicated stores have opened their doors throughout Europe, particularly in Paris. Some of them have since become so successful that they have had to temporarily close their doors due to stock shortages. Apart from these specialized stores, it is possible to find Korean skincare products in pharmacies.

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