Kate Middleton in the kitchen: the dishes she loves preparing for her children

Kate Middleton in the kitchen: the dishes she loves preparing for her children

Kate Middleton is not only a style queen, but also a skilled cook. Here are the dishes she loves cooking for Princes George, Charlotte and Louis

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From the top of her innate class one would expect the divine Kate Middleton to feed only on caviar and champagne, and instead the Duchess of Cambridge never ceases to amaze. Kate tastes just about everything during her royal tours and does not hold back even in the face of the most spicy and spicy foods, which on the contrary apparently Prince William just can't stand.

Nothing is missing from the Duchess's menu, from sushi to curry, but Kate Middleton is not just an excellent fork. She also loves getting into the kitchen, often taking a few moments to cook their favorite dishes with her children. Simple dishes, in short, of the great classics that are never lacking in "non-real" families and that all children, including princes, like.

Kate herself revealed in a television interview last year that she loves making cakes for her children George, Charlotte and Louis, even birthday cakes. It has now become an indispensable ritual that keeps her awake until late at night to find the sweet surprise on the table the next day. As the Duchess admitted, from time to time she just can't regulate herself with quantities. To the delight of princes, of course.

Birthday cakes aside, Kate Middleton also has another passion in the kitchen: Italian cuisine. Both she and her children are great lovers of pasta and often try to make it personally, getting their hands dirty with flour and having a lot of fun. Apparently the Duchess of Cambridge never misses an opportunity to show off her proverbial mac'n’cheese (macaroni with cheese) during school parties.

If we are talking about dough, you cannot miss the homemade pizza. And here too, the splendid Kate does not hold back, she often prepares it with the help of her beloved little cooks, in particular George and Charlotte who enjoy making her some delicious surprises from time to time.

The culinary skills of the Duchess of Cambridge are no secret within the royal family and above all she has never done anything to hide them. As told by herself, when she spent her first Christmas in Sandringham she gave the Queen a pot of chutney, prepared with her grandmother's recipe. A gamble that worried her not a little, but that in the end turned out to be the right choice to break into Elizabeth's heart.

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