Kate Middleton, William pays tribute to his grandfather on Instagram. And Harry replies

Kate Middleton, William pays tribute to his grandfather on Instagram. And Harry replies

"I will always be grateful for my grandfather Philip's kindness to Kate": William's homage is a rebuke to Harry and Meghan Markle

William and Kate Middleton wanted to pay homage to Prince Philip with a touching message on Instagram and Twitter that highlights the sense of duty of Elizabeth's husband. A few minutes later, Harry replied to his brother's comment with a personal message of decidedly opposite tones.

Harry arrived in London and grandfather Philip's funeral was seen by experts as an opportunity for him and the Duke of Cambridge to reconcile. But the disjointed and profoundly different messages in memory of the Duke of Edinburgh do not bode well.

William and Kate Middleton made the first public tribute to Prince Philip by sharing a post on their Instagram and Twitter profiles in which they define their grandfather as “extraordinary”. The message reads: "My grandfather's century of life was defined by service for his country, for the Commonwealth, for his wife, for the Queen, for our family".

And he continues: “I consider myself lucky not only for having had his example to guide me, but also for his lasting presence in my life as an adult, both in the most beautiful and in the most difficult moments”. Then a hint of his wife Kate and his particular bond with Filippo, a phrase that appeared in stark contrast to the attitude of Harry and Meghan Markle: "I will always be grateful that my wife has had so many years to know my grandfather and for the kindness he showed her “.

Then a hint of the relationship between Filippo and the three great-grandchildren, sons of William and Kate: "I will never take for granted the special memories my children will always have of their great-grandfather who came to pick them up in his carriage and saw for himself his contagious meaning. adventure as well as his funny sense of humor ”. Again, it appears that the Duke of Cambridge is blaming Harry for turning his son Archie away from his great-grandparents.

It is no coincidence that to accompany these words, William has chosen a photo that portrays Prince Philip in a carriage with little George. A shot made by Kate Middleton. On the other hand, George, Charlotte and Louis paid tribute to their great-grandfather and Queen Elizabeth on their 73rd wedding anniversary with a very pretty card, immediately shared by the Royal Family.

William's message ends like this: “My grandfather was an extraordinary man and he was part of an extraordinary generation. Catherine and I will continue to do what we have always wanted and will support the Queen for years to come. I will miss my grandfather, but I know he would like us to get on with the work ”.

William and Kate formally commit themselves to Elizabeth's side and reaffirm the priority of the Monarchy also over the family. And again, the Dukes of Cambridge seem to go in the opposite direction to that chosen by Harry and Meghan Markle.

Meanwhile, Harry also wanted to pay homage to his grandfather who passed away on April 9 with a message that points to the private life of the Duke of Edinburgh and that has nothing to do with the institutional words of the Dukes of Cambridge: "He was my grandfather: master of barbecue, legend of the jokes and cheeky to the end ".

Philip George

Prince Philip with George in the photo shared on Instagram

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