Lady Diana, on Instagram never seen photos on the yacht without Carlo

Lady Diana, on Instagram never seen photos on the yacht without Carlo

Giancarlo Giammetti, co-founder of the Valentino maison, shared some never-before-published photos of Diana on Instagram

Lady Diana, life of a princess

Giancarlo Giammetti, co-founder of the Valentino maison, shared some photos of Lady Diana never published before on his Instagram profile.

The shots date back to 1990, two years before the Princess separated from Carlo. In some of these images Diana is portrayed aboard a yacht, in Italy, surrounded by trusted friends, Valentino and Kyril, Prince of Preslav. Carlo is not there. The Princess wears a patterned bikini and a shirt tied at the belly.

Although the photo was taken in a moment of relaxation, during a holiday with friends, away from the tensions of the Palazzo and the (founded) gossip about Carlo and Camilla, Diana appears fragile, insecure while drinking a drink: the smile just hinted at, reclined to one side, as it was very often immortalized.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Lady Diana was invited in September 1990 on board the private yacht TMBlue One, of the maison Valentino. At the time, she and Carlo already lived separate lives. He had resumed his relationship with Camilla, while Diana had had a love affair with officer James Hewitt and with bodyguard Barry Mannakee, whose death was defined by Lady D, "the greatest blow of my life".

When the photos were taken in the summer of 1990, Diana's relationship with Hewitt ended after he was sent to Germany. Yet another hard blow for Diana who had already struggled to keep her marriage going as it was falling apart. The separation with Carlo took place in 1992 and in 1996 the divorce arrived. The following year the Princess died in a tragic accident in Paris.

The unhappy relationship with Charles, the misunderstanding of the Royal Family led to a suicide attempt while she was pregnant with Prince William, to bulimia and depression, events recently detailed in the fourth series of The Crown.

Giammetti also shared another photo on Instagram that portrays him, Valentino and Diana at a formal event. Giancarlo comments: “Two moments of friendship with Princess Diana.

Lady Diana Valentino

Lady Diana, Valentino and Prince Kyril – Source: Instagram

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