Laura Pausini, the eight years of the daughter and the sweet dedication

Laura Pausini, the eight years of the daughter and the sweet dedication

The singer shared on Instagram some shots for her daughter's birthday accompanied by words full of affection

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A sweet dedication for her daughter's eight years: Laura Pausini has posted on her Instagram profile some pictures of the party for the eight years of little Paola, born from the love between the Emilian singer and her historical partner Paolo Carta.

And for parents that children's birthday is always a special moment, in recent days Pausini had already shared a beautiful photo with her many fans accompanied by a sweet dedication. Laura in that image shows herself with her baby bump, waiting for the baby's arrival, and the selfie accompanied words of deep affection and full of memories: "2013. It was the night of February 6th dear Paola … I knew that after a few days I would finally meet you … and I took this photo for you, for when you would grow up, to show you that I will never forget this moment … look how great you were already in my belly, my little one », he wrote.

Now, however, he has published a series of shots showing his daughter's birthday party, themed Harry Potter, the famous and much loved wizard born from the pen of J. K. Rowling. In the first photo Laura Pausini is embraced by her partner Paolo Carta and together with her daughter Paola. And if the setting seems to transport us to the main hall of Hogwarts, even the words of the singer are themed and full of sweetness.

“February 8, 2021. 8 years with you Paola. In life the magic wand of Harry Potter does not exist but never be afraid and grow as you are doing: happy, curious, attentive, polite … it is you who will decide whether to make it special or not and we will be by your side to accompany you, support you and support you , always. Happy Birthday Strawberry. Mom and Dad ". The singer has published the caption as usual in other languages ​​as well, most likely to facilitate the arrival of the message to the many fans who follow her from all over the world.

Paolo Carta and Laura Pausini have been together for many years, they became a couple in 2005 and in addition to life and love for their daughter, they also share a passion for music. For Pausini it is a very important period from a professional point of view, in fact she has recently been nominated for the Golden Globe. From a more personal point of view, however, with her partner she decided to take action after the journalist Alda D’Eusanio was recently eliminated by Big Brother Vip for serious statements about the couple.

Laura Pausini, the photo taken by Andrea Mennella on Instagram

Laura Pausini, the photo taken by Andrea Mennella on Instagram

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