Live sport: A platform for doing sport (even) on vacation

Live sport: A platform for doing sport (even) on vacation

Synonymous with idleness, the holidays are nonetheless a period during which the French plan to let off steam and relax through sport. Is it still necessary to be able to find physical activities to do in an unknown place? This is where the Vivez Sport platform, initiated by the government, comes in, which provides access in just a few clicks to a host of physical activities. and sports near his vacation spot.

More sporty French people on vacation!

Contrary to what one might think, many French people want to play sports on vacation. In 2020, a survey conducted by Odoxa revealed that more than one in two French people (53%) practiced more sport during the summer period, and more than a third of respondents (39%) even considered taking advantage of their holidays. to learn new activities.

But for that, it is necessary to be able to access activities close to one’s vacation spot, and this is what 38% of those questioned thought three years ago. A problem that the Ministry of Sports has tackled with a platform that allows in a few clicks to find many activities of this type everywhere in Europe.

Live sport: to find an activity anywhere!

Called Vivez Sport, the platform provides access to no less than 20,000 sports activities during school holidays, and even outside these periods, in all French departments. Very easy to use, the site allows you to find one or more activities via a search engine, whether by address, by department, or by activity, or via a map, while filters allow you to find offers adapted to people with disabilities or children, but also at a very specific time, or by type of activity (on land, on water, in water, in the mountains, or in the air). Once all the choices have been entered, the user simply accesses a list of physical and sporting activities.

Windsurfing, yoga, pétanque… there’s something for everyone!

For example, if you go to the Var this summer, you can practice windsurfing, sea kayaking, yoga, Nordic walking, electric biking, archery, running foot, snorkeling, swimming, horse riding, dancing, climbing, tennis, and of course pétanque.

Once you have set your sights on one of these activities, you have two choices: add it to your selection or contact the operator via a form or by calling them directly. What to build a champion program.

At the time of the traditional chassé-croix between Juillettists and Augustians, the Ministry of Sports is launching a communication campaign to make this platform known to as many people as possible, through the message “My sport on vacation, I find it on Vivez Sport!“.

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