Living longer in good health is possible! The prescription of Dr. Christophe de Jaeger

Living longer in good health is possible!  The prescription of Dr. Christophe de Jaeger

What if living to 150 in good health became the norm? How to achieve this? What would be the upheavals associated with a society of super-centenarians? Dr. Christophe de Jaeger, medical physiologist, answers these questions in his latest fascinating work “Longevity medicine: a revolution!” published by Trédaniel editions.

Everyone dreams of being able to live a long, healthy life. Do recent advances in science allow us today to make this dream a reality? Dr Christophe de Jaeger believes that we can and must go further today in disease prevention and tackle the phenomenon of aging itself.

Why did you want to write this book?

Dr Christophe de Jaeger: I wanted to write this book to raise awareness among as many people as possible about how to better manage their health capital. Show them that whatever their situation, it is possible to act to preserve it. This book shows the emergence of a new medical vision of health, and not of disease. Beyond the hygienic-dietary rules that we hear everywhere”Eat five fruits and vegetables a day.Avoid eating too fatty, too salty or too sweet. that no one applies, in reality, in my opinion it is interesting to bring about a real medicine for longevity. This is the ambition of this book.

Is this the end of planned obsolescence of human beings?

Dr Christophe de Jaeger: This is one of the questions this book asks: is this the end of planned obsolescence in our organism? I think that we must use our scientific knowledge today to modify our quality of life but also our life expectancy and our health capital. In the United States, billionaires have embarked on this trend, they are showing off in particular through social networks, and this pushes everyone to say: “But why not me?“. In reality, longevity medicine is more and more inevitable and this book is here to make you aware of it.

Will these changes impact our society?

Dr Christophe de Jaeger: Obviously. Living longer in good health will allow men to change careers, to pursue several jobs in the same life. We will no longer retire at 65, this will shake up the entire organization of current society. Everything we know today will lose its interest for people who have the capacity to live that long. Longevity, in the coming years, will have major consequences, leading to both personal and societal upheavals.

Longevity medicine: a revolution! published by Trédaniel