Black Friday 2023: these 5 objects popular with Internet users will transform your home into a bubble of well-being

Black Friday 2023: these 5 objects popular with Internet users will transform your home into a bubble of well-being

Among the (many) good deals to be had this Black Friday, we have selected Internet users’ favorite well-being items which benefit from great promotions!

In this season when we are happy to stay at home, who would refuse a few accessories that can help increase our comfort by helping us relax?

And as we are in the middle of Black Friday, we took the opportunity to spot for you the best promotions among Internet users’ favorite well-being items.

Amazon’s best-selling electric blanket at -17%

Attention those who are cold and fans of blankets of all kinds, the time has come to test the heated version of your favorite accessory! This gray model from the Beurer brand at 180x130cm offers 6 temperature levels. Rated 4.2 from no less than 7,000 reviews, this bestseller benefits from a 17% reduction and is sold at 49.99 euros instead of 59.99 euros.

“This blanket prevents you from overheating your home when it’s cold outside and consumes less than a radiator (…) Ideal for a TV evening!” comments a visibly satisfied customer on Amazon.

The CERA essential oil diffuser from Pranarôm at 39.99 euros instead of 59.99 euros

Ideal for perfuming your interior with scents based on essential oils, this designer and discreet diffuser also offers a choice of light modes to promote relaxation and falling asleep.

“After much research, I settled on this essential oil diffuser and I absolutely do not regret it! (…) Noise level, I find it very quiet. You just hear a little splash of water and that tends to relax me(…).The light (which you can put on or not and which has two intensities) is also very pleasant. Also, when I go to bed, I “program” the diffusion for another hour and the soft light for 30 minutes and I find myself like in a cocoon” comments Vanessa, a buyer, on the product’s Amazon page.

The CERA essential oil diffuser goes from 59.99 euros to 39.99 euros.

Please note, the use of essential oils must be done with caution; pregnant and breastfeeding women as well as children must not be exposed to them.

The Shiatsu Comfier back massager at -15%

This device is placed on a seat (armchair, sofa, chair, etc.) and allows you to massage several areas of the back thanks to the rotating nodes which move along the spine. Adjustable using a remote control, it allows you to choose the areas you want to massage.

Heated and vibrating, it also allows a massage of the hips and thighs. If some customers regret that the massage balls do not go higher at the neck level, the product seems to have convinced most buyers with a rating of 4.2 out of five from more than 8,700 reviews on Amazon.

Usually priced at 89.99 euros, it drops to 76.49 euros (i.e. -15%) for Black Friday.

The Emma 7 kilo weighted blanket at -27%

The weighted blanket is an undeniable “plus” to comfort in winter. This seven-kilo blanket equipped with microbeads exerts pressure on the body which is conducive to relaxation. If the main argument of the product is its help with falling asleep, according to our test, it also makes getting up more difficult! But once you try it, it’s hard to do without it!

Good news: the product benefits from a 27% reduction and goes from 69.99 euros to 50.99 euros.

The electric foot massager with 18,000 reviews

Rated 4.2 out of 5 from more than 18,500 reviews, this heating device allows you to massage the feet (up to size 46!) to promote relaxation via three massage modes.

“As soon as I received it, as soon as I tried it, it’s EXCEPTIONAL, I just used it twice for 30 minutes at full power (…) this machine does a lot of good, especially under the arch of the foot and down to the bottom of the stomach (yes, yes, I assure you). I plan to use it regularly in front of the TV in the evening” testifies a customer visibly won over on Amazon.

Priced at 149.99 euros, it benefits from a 15% discount on Black Friday and increases to 126.99 euros.