Louise Bourgoin, a mother who feels guilty… like so many other mothers. For what ? Our shrink’s answer

Louise Bourgoin, a mother who feels guilty... like so many other mothers.  For what ?  Our shrink's answer

Monday, September 4, on RTL, Louise Bourgoin made rare confidences about her life as a mother / actress, and her choices that her children may reproach her for. But why are we all so prone to guilt when it comes to our children? The answer of Johanna Rozenblum, psychologist.

guest of RTL Good eveningMonday, September 4, for its film news (A serious job et Anti-Squat released in September) Louise Bourgoin spoke about the other side of her life, her place as a mother involved with her two sons aged 3 and 7. A place in which she constantly questions herself…. Like many mothers.

“They will certainly blame me for a thousand things”

The actress reveals that motherhood has changed the way she approaches her work and her daily life. From now on, she feels guilty when she has to be absent for her filming, which is the heart of her job. The same goes for everyday events, such as back to school:

“It was back to school this morning; I was already telling myself that I did wrong. I have young children, they are three and seven years old (…) They are already questioning me so I dare not imagine what it will be like as a teenager. They will certainly blame me for being an actress, for not being politicized enough… Surely for a thousand things.”

We can therefore have success, a fulfilling family life, but persist in putting pressure on ourselves.

Where does this pervasive maternal guilt come from?

Louise Bourgoin is far from the only active mother to feel guilty about her way of educating her children or being there for them. It would also be a national sport among young mothers. A trend explained to us by Johanna Rozenblum, psychologist.

“Usually a mother’s guilt arises from the belief that a perfection exists, that there is a right way, an ideal performance. And as we are far from it, we say to ourselves that we are doing “badly”. However, the secret is that there are several ways to do it, and several ways to be a good mother, to accompany her children, to love them, to be attentive… We can also be very present , but not necessarily attentive, as you can be a little far away because of your work but have quality time with them, even if they are less frequent”.

And as the psychologist reminds us:No one so far has found the recipe for the perfect mother… Simply because it doesn’t exist. We can also repeat to ourselves that imperfection also has its advantages and that it does not only damage our children! It is time to be a little more benevolent with yourself and to trust yourself in the education and the love that you give to your children”.