Low-impact exercises for a gentle workout at home

Low-impact exercises for a gentle workout at home

For those who are extremely cold and want to stay in shape this fall, going out for a run can be dangerous. Temperatures continue to drop, as does… motivation. But thanks to low-impact exercises, you can exercise gently and warmly, while being gentle on your joints.

Low-impact exercises are workouts that work the entire body while sparing the joints through gentle movements. Concretely, these are exercises without any sudden movements. “Low-impact strength training is a form of resistance exercise that focuses on developing and maintaining muscular strength and endurance while minimizing stress and impact on joints and tissues connective tissue,” explains personal coach Sana Shirvani to Marie Claire UK.

These specific exercises would have many health benefits. They would not only help reduce the risk of injury but also burn calories. And it would also be an excellent way to reduce anxiety, depression and improve mood according to a study from the University of Nebraska, which relied on aerobics or walking, known to be low impact sports. So for those who want to exercise gently at home, without having to run in the cold, these exercises could be the ideal solution.

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Exercise with a mini band

This quick and simple workout consists of chaining different postures, equipped with an elastic band. This affordable accessory allows you to do a multitude of gentle exercises to work all the muscles of the body, including the buttocks, thighs, legs, back, or even the arms and shoulders. Just scroll through social networks, TikTok in the lead, to discover tutorials on how to best use the mini elastic band.

Sculpt the upper body

To train your upper body, push-ups, as well as burpees, plank and dips, can be good alternatives. To maximize the effects, it is advisable to perform several series of these exercises, taking it gently for beginners. For example, you can try doing two sets of five push-ups. The icing on the cake ? It is a workout that adapts to all levels of experience, and can be practiced at home, with a good mat.

Low impact jumping jacks

Jumping jacks are known to be grueling workouts due to the hopping between arms and legs. In this version of jumping jacks, less abrupt, there is no need to stress the joints or do classic jumps. Simply place your feet back in place each time without jumping, while alternating each side. Little tip: to make this exercise more difficult, don’t hesitate to deepen your lunge and speed up your movements. This exercise will increase your heart rate.


There are many types of squats, but the push squat, performed with dumbbells, is a complete exercise that works all the muscles of the body. It increases heart rate, boosts metabolism and improves both agility and strength. It helps you lose weight while improving cardiovascular endurance.