Lunchdate, the new dating trend for single parents looking for love

Lunchdate, the new dating trend for single parents looking for love

Do you know about lunchdate? To find love while saving time, many single parents prefer to organize their “date” during their lunch break.

We do not play with love…. wrote Musset in 1834. But neither with time! The French, very busy between their personal and professional schedules, are chasing minutes to meet their soul mate. Result: new trends are emerging, such as organizing meetings during the lunch break.

The lunchdate, a growing trend among single parents

According to a study conducted by IPSOS for EVEN (a dating app for single parents launched by Meetic), 59% of single parents agree that they don’t have time to meet new people because they are too busy with their daily lives.

In fact, in this busy schedule, meeting people during the lunch break and/or in the afternoon can prove to be a solution. They are also nearly 47% to validate these “slots” during the day.

It remains more practical to schedule an appointment during your professional time, a time which is also limited. We make life easier, we save time because often, it’s halfway, or close to work, and we make big savings on babysitting“, specifies Miali Rasamijao, love coach interviewed by Magicmaman.

This “lunchdate” trend is observed in particular among the youngest, aged 18 to 34 (15%), but also among people with sole custody of the child (under 16) and who do not have no other solution (15%).

The difference is obvious with single people who have custody of the child every other week and therefore prefer evenings at 62%, when they do not have custody of the child.“, the study further specifies.

The advantages of lunch dates

If we can criticize the lunchdate for being a little too short or a little too formal (difficult to surrender to the seduction between the main course and the dessert, editor’s note), it nevertheless has many advantages:

  • Optimized time: No guilt here: a lunch break date doesn’t take away from valuable hours spent with the kids in the evening.
  • Controlled budget: Lunches are often less expensive than dinners. Furthermore, 14% of single parents cannot afford to pay a babysitter, particularly among women (17% versus 7% among men).
  • Relaxed atmosphere: lunches can be perceived as lighter than dinners, which can help reduce the pressure of “first meeting“.