Makeup artist and dermatologist – about New Year’s makeup and proper care

Makeup artist and dermatologist - about New Year's makeup and proper care

How to care for the skin around your eyes and prepare it for makeup

In winter, the skin of the periorbital areas needs to be regularly moisturized and nourished. Frost and wind outside, central heating indoors – all this disrupts the protective lipid barrier of the skin and causes inflammatory processes.

Makeup artist and dermatologist - about New Year's makeup and proper care

Svetlana Studenikina, dermatocosmetologist of the Likato Professional brand

“To make the area around the eyes look healthy and radiant, the care should include components such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, vitamin E, caffeine, B vitamins3 and B5, peptides. But products containing alcohol should be avoided, they will only dry out the skin.”

According to the specialist, the texture of the product depends not only on the time of year, but also on the needs of the skin. Light use on young skin with minimal signs of aging, and also before applying makeup. Thick textures are recommended for mature and dry skin. The amount of product should be minimal. A two-stage treatment is possible: serum to affect the deep layers of the dermis, and then cream to protect against external factors.

An important nuance: you should not start using products with retinol on New Year’s Eve, as the skin may react to this component with redness and peeling (at the beginning of use). They are introduced gradually, starting several times a week. Daily use is possible only if well tolerated. You can use retinol once a day, only before bed.

Also, do not apply your usual facial skin care products around the eyes. This is an area with a minimum number of sebaceous glands, and using face cream in such a sensitive area will lead to overload, swelling, and dryness.

In addition to care, patches and masks for the skin around the eyes are useful to moisturize and relieve puffiness. They are applied to dry, clean skin; the exposure time should not exceed that recommended on the package (on average 10–20 minutes). After removing the patches, the remaining serum should be massaged in with soft massage or tapping movements until completely absorbed.

Masks must be removed with gentle, light movements using moistened cotton pads. After 15–20 minutes, if the moisturizing effect is insufficient, you should apply a care product around the eyes.

Eye makeup trends in the Year of the Dragon

This season, as always, winged hair is in trend, says makeup artist Anna Salikhova. In addition to the classics, according to her, graphic arrows are especially popular in the winter of 2023/24. The range of colors is very wide, here the choice depends only on the mood and the general concept of appearance.

Makeup artist and dermatologist - about New Year's makeup and proper care

Anna Salihova, make-up artist

“Of course, graphic arrows are not for everyone. Ladies of an “elegant” age or those who have too drooping or drooping eyelids should give preference to the classics, smokey or classic winged eyeliner.”

A win-win option for eye makeup in the year of the Dragon is all shades of green, gold and red, Anna Salikhova is sure. You can diversify it with a small scattering of rhinestones. Also, to visually open your eyes and make your look more expressive, you can glue small bunches of eyelashes to the corners of your eyes.

“When doing eye makeup for the New Year, you should understand that it should be long-lasting, but not oversaturated – so that nothing interferes with comfort and a festive mood,” sums up the makeup artist.

How to properly remove eye makeup

The periorbital area is one of the most sensitive areas of the face. One wrong move can lead to various inflammatory processes. This area requires special attention and care, especially in winter. Aggressive weather conditions, dry air and makeup can negatively affect the skin around the eyes.

“Makeup removal for the skin around the eyes should be done using micellar water or hydrophilic oil,” advises Svetlana Studenikina. — In order not to injure the delicate skin, you should make extremely gentle movements and avoid active friction. Then the remaining contaminants are removed with a foaming cleansing gel, foam or emulsion suitable for use in the periorbital area (this is important, because not all products are adapted for it). Otherwise, there is a risk of feeling tightness, flaking, redness, itching and even swelling.”

In winter, you should pay attention to the presence of hyaluronic acid, panthenol and niacinamide in the composition of cleansers for the area around the eyes. And after them, do not forget to apply basic care. Then the skin will be fresh and radiant not only during the New Year holidays, but every day.