Maurizio Fugatti signs another order for the killing of the bear Jj4

Maurizio Fugatti signs another order for the killing of the bear Jj4
Maurizio Fugatti signs another order for the killing of the bear Jj4

Second culling order for the Jj4 bear, signed directly by the president of the Trentino region, Maurizio Fugatti.

Maurizio Fugatti’s ordinance

After the tracing of the bear Jj4, the one that killed the young runner Andrea Papi, the president of the Trentino region had decided to kill the animal, except for the intervention of the animal rights association Lav which had managed to suspend the order. Yesterday evening, however, the president Maurizio Fugatti signed another culling order, currently locked up inside the Casteller enclosure in Trento. The president’s decision, despite the directives of the TAR, surprised many.

The killing of the bear Jj4

After 11 May, the date on which the suspension of the sentence will end, the slaughter could be carried out “as soon as possible for public health and safety”. The Lav, Anti-Vivisection League, declares: “Incredibly order given last night by President Fugatti even against the will of Andrea Papi’s parents and despite the fact that LAV has long proposed for the mother bear a concrete and safe alternative accommodation at its own expense in a shelter abroad, a solution favorably proposed also by the Minister of the Environment Pichetto Fratin and by Ispra”.

The reaction of the Lav

The animal rights association, following Maurizio Fugatti’s signing yesterday evening, declared that it will soon file a warning to the local veterinary health authority against the execution of the bear Jj4; a gesture that would, in fact, constitute a crime according to article 554 bis of the penal code, which punishes anyone who kills an animal “unnecessarily” with the imprisonment of instigators and executors. The Lav also wrote in an official note: “The date of next May 11, in which the Tar in collegial headquarters should have provided the final verdict on the JJ4 bear, given Fugatti’s withdrawal of his first two orders yesterday evening , therefore the day remains in which the Trentino veterinary local health authority, on the order of the provincial president, has the mandate to carry out the animal’s death sentence”.