Melania Trump says goodbye to the White House but is freezing with Jill Biden

Melania Trump doesn't call Jill Biden and hushes up rumors of divorce

"No contact between Melania Trump and my mother": Jill Biden's daughter, Ashley, confirms the frost and defines the decision of the outgoing First Lady unpleasant

Melania Trump took leave of the United States with a speech that made her go back in the polls, to the point of completely overshadowing her husband Donald. But it did not stick to traditional protocol by keeping a cold distance with Jill Biden, wife of the new US president. To the point that Ashley Biden, daughter of the new First Lady, intervened.

“Being First Lady was the greatest honor,” Melania said in her farewell address, shared on her Instagram profile. He then continues: “Be passionate in everything you do, but always remember that violence is never the answer and will never be justified. When I arrived at the White House, I reflected on the responsibility that I have always felt as a mother, to encourage, give strength and teach the values ​​of kindness ”.

An impeccable message that erases gossip and wickedness towards him, circulated by his former confidant, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, who in the book Melania and Me discredited Trump's wife by emphasizing how intolerant he was in fulfilling his duties as First Lady , including the famous Christmas decorations. He denied rumors of divorce with Donald, arguing that the two are too similar to want to separate, and revealed the alleged tensions between Melania and Ivanka Trump, leaving a compromised image of the Tycoon wife.

Lady Trump has always denied every accusation and has gone her own way, without hiding a certain detachment from many of Donald's political positions and attitudes. If becoming First Lady was not among Melania's goals and the idea of ​​spending another four years did not exalt her, this does not mean that she did not "sacrifice" herself for reasons of state. Among these sacrifices is the renovation of the White House.

So reports Melania Trump on her Instagram profile: "Over the past 4 years, I have had the immense honor of calling the White House my home. With the help of White House staff and talented experts we have completed many restoration projects, ensuring that the history and beauty of this home can be enjoyed for generations to come. "

So, your thoughts go to the next tenants? Not really, given that the Tycoon wife did not want to meet and receive Jill Biden, a kind tradition that she also enjoyed in her time when Michelle Obama gave her the baton. Now speaking is Ashley Biden, daughter of Jill and Joe Biden.

During a television interview, she said she was concerned about her father's safety and confirmed that Melania had not contacted her mother, calling the outgoing First Lady's decision to skip protocol "unhappy and unpleasant". "I don't think the Trumps are applying traditional protocol, which is a shame, but I think we all agree."

Regarding her role as First Daughter, Ashley has revealed that she will not follow in Ivanka Trump's footsteps by taking on an official role within her father's administration. "I still hope to use this role to support social justice, mental health, to be involved in community development and revitalization."

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