Menstrual cramps? Do one hour of Zumba a week!

Menstrual cramps?  Do one hour of Zumba a week!

It keeps you fit, it makes you lose weight and it also makes you socialize. But now Zumba could help fight period pains, too.

As research by Cairo University suggests, one hour of Zumba a week would be able to counteract the problems associated with primary dysmenorrhea, better known as “menstrual cramps”.

Why do we feel pain?

Primary dysmenorrhea, which usually occurs before and during menstruation, is due to excessive prostaglandin production. These substances cause blood vessels in the uterus to narrow and prevent oxygen-rich blood from reaching the uterus, causing pain.

According to scientists, Zumba movements would instead be able to increase blood flow, facilitating the exit of these substances from the uterus.

The researchers’ experiment

The team analyzed 98 women, aged between 18 and 25 and diagnosed with primary dysmenorrhea. He then divided them into two groups. One control. The other, however, attended a Zumba class one hour a week for two months.

According to the results, those who took the fitness class felt less pain. Both after four and eight weeks.

And, evaluating it on a scale of 1 to 10, he had seen it drop by 3 points.

In short, Zumba would seem to be one of the natural remedies to combat the problem of period-related pain.

Despite the positive results, however, the researchers say they are still cautious. In order to have more reliable conclusions, they say in fact, it is necessary to carry out further studies, with a larger sample and older women.