Midi skirts: in 2023 the perfect length is below the knee

Midi skirts: in 2023 the perfect length is below the knee
Midi skirts: in 2023 the perfect length is below the knee

We saw it during the latest high fashion shows and the fashion influencers reiterate it every day on TikTok: the trendy skirt is the midi skirt, which reaches just below the knee.

What are midi skirts?

The midi skirt is that of the undecided: its mid-length, just below the knee, makes it ideal for any climate, any occasion and any time of day. Are you too cold for a skirt but are you bored with jeans? Would you like to show off your silhouette without revealing your legs too much? You just can’t figure out how to adapt your look to the weather forecast? The midi skirt comes to your aid, and revolutionizes your wardrobe, especially during the spring season but, with a pinch of creativity, also throughout the rest of the year.

The most popular models of midi skirts

Saint Laurent, for example, with its female power suits, brought midi skirts to the catwalk combined with a suit, right at knee height, with or without small and discreet slits (which, however, make the difference). Balmain on the other hand, unlike any expectation that could be made with respect to the brand, presented wide, almost full-length midi dresses. Diesel’s midi skirts, on the other hand, are super cool in their distressed effect, in contrast with the decidedly more casual style of those proposed by brands such as Benetton and Cormio. Gucci and Carolina Herrera dye midi skirts in varied colors while there are those, like Patou, who prefer to focus everything on the slit. In short, in any case there is a solution for every taste, and also every pocket; in fact, midi skirts were also in fashion in the great 2000s, which is why lovers of thrifted shopping and vintage will be able to recover contemporary fashion while still being attentive to budgets and sustainability.

How to wear the knee length skirt?

There are so many different ways to show off your personality through a look that puts a midi skirt at the center of attention. For a more casual outfit, we recommend the classic, yet effective, combination with a pair of sneakers and a top, be it a graphic tee or a fitted crop tee. Obviously, it also depends on the midi skirt in question: a denim fabric adapts to more everyday contexts, while those in a lighter material are perfect for the summer and therefore, for example, in combination with a pair of sandals, low or high , closed or open. Midi skirts in heavier fabric, on the other hand, can be worn with an onion-shaped outfit even in winter, perhaps together with a pair of high-heeled boots that reach the knee, right where the skirt ends.