‘Milk Bath Nails’: the manicure inspired by one of the oldest beauty rituals

'Milk Bath Nails': the manicure inspired by one of the oldest beauty rituals

A milk bath style manicure! The idea may seem strange, but it is nevertheless a trend that seems to be taking hold in the world of beauty. The idea? Reproduce on your nails the milky shade of one of the oldest – and famous – skin care rituals.

An ancestral beauty ritual, the milk bath not only relieves tension, but also deeply nourishes the skin and makes it softer. Its fame is such that legend still associates it today with Cleopatra, who – it seems – used donkey’s milk to preserve the beauty and youth of her skin. Considering the products offered today in the cosmetics aisle, it would seem that the ritual persists and takes on more modern forms. And this popularity seems to extend to other areas of beauty, such as manicures. The proof with ‘Milk Bath Nails’, the latest trend which has as many fans in salons as on social networks – or almost.

A creamy white, very discreet

The trend emerged on social networks at the dawn of summer, but – unlike others – it persists and stands out to the point of rising to the top of fall’s must-have manicures. Just like the ‘Blueberry Milk Nails’, a more summery inspiration, the ‘Milk Bath Nails’ are characterized by a milky, whitish shade and finish, reminiscent of the favorite ritual of the Egyptian queen. Be careful however, it is not a question of using a white nail polish, which is matte, but of turning to cream shades, with a shiny finish, to perfectly reproduce the famous milk bath.

On social networks, the ‘Milk Bath Nails’, which we find more simply under the name ‘Milky Nails’, already have more than 70 million views, and continue to be emulated around the world. To reproduce the manicure, all you need to do, as we have seen, is to get a creamy white varnish, regardless of the brand, almost translucent, and apply two coats – after the base of course. Final step: the choice and application of the top coat which must give the whole thing a glossy effect to recall the appearance of the milk bath.

Simple manicures for fall

Milky manicures have been trending on social media for a while now. It started with ‘Matcha Latte Nails’ in the spring, then ‘Blueberry Milk Nails’, and so it continues with the most basic version yet: ‘Milk Bath Nails’. But it could be, as is customary, that this inspiration gives rise to many other variations, and signals the return of ‘Chocolate Milk Nails’ or ‘Strawberry Milk Nails’, a bit more daring – or at least less neutral.

It must be said that when it comes to manicures, simplicity seems in order this season. We saw it recently with ‘Chai Latte Nails’, a taupe-lavender inspired by the famous spiced tea, but also with the return of the essential French manicure, which today comes in an infinite number of forms as discreet as ‘elegant. After summer, the season of all daring, it’s time for that of all sobriety.