Milos Bikovich became the ambassador of the Salamander brand

Milos Bikovich became the ambassador of the Salamander brand

Choosing the face of a brand is not an easy task, especially if we are talking about a company that has existed for a long time and has managed to earn its own recognizable name over the years. In this case, everything must coincide: the scale of recognition of the person, the style down to the smallest detail, and, of course, the values ​​that are shared by both the celebrity and the brand. When all these factors come together, a successful partnership seems logical and even obvious.

This is exactly what can be said about the collaboration between the shoe brand Salamander and Milos Bikovic. An advertising campaign for the spring-summer 2024 season was released with the participation of the actor. This collaboration was dictated by the task facing the brand team – to talk about the renewal of the brand.

In 2023, the brand began a large-scale update of its corporate identity and collection design. New product categories have appeared in the assortment: now the Salamander brand produces not only shoes, clothing and bags, but also household goods. In addition, the Munz Group retail team that manages the brand is thinking about attracting an ambassador (in the footwear segment) who, on the one hand, will share the brand’s values ​​and, on the other hand, will help to clearly and clearly show the audience all the changes.

“Milos Bikovich is an ideal candidate: he is at the peak of popularity in Europe, his audience trusts him, he speaks openly about his values, his style is natural elegance and ease,” says Kirill Tsedzhinov, CEO of Munz Group. “As soon as we started discussing possible cooperation, we immediately realized that this was a 100% hit.”

Milos Bikovich agrees: “I am pleased with our cooperation with the Salamander brand. I treat the trust of the audience responsibly – just like Salamander, which, thanks to the high quality of its shoes, has built strong relationships with customers. We agree on this!”

There was also a visual coincidence: the style of Salamander shoes matches what the actor wears in life. Thus, for the advertising campaign of this season, the key models of the collection were chosen: brown boots in textured, but at the same time soft suede and leather, shoes in the current gray-beige palette, as well as sneakers in universal white and sky blue shades.

The collaboration between Milos Bikovich and Salamander will continue into the next season, so there are even more images of the actor in the brand’s products to come.

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