Monochrome and Crave Theater have released a joint collection for Valentine’s Day

Monochrome and Crave Theater have released a joint collection for Valentine's Day

Crave Theater Moscow is the first and only cabaret theater in modern Europe, where spectators come for a fireworks display of emotions. A special holiday feeling is given by a bright show of a new format, in which modern choreography, vocals, spectacular scenography and sparkling humor are intertwined. Add to this the ultra-modern space and the atmosphere of a closed club for the elite – a mysterious twilight in which evening dresses and jewelry look especially impressive (yes, yes, it is customary – and you want – to dress up here).

Especially for Valentine’s Day, the team prepared a special edition of the Crave Airlines show, filled with passion and love. The relaxed crew under the leadership of the captain (Rinal Mukhametov) will take everyone to Las Vegas for one evening – the city where the world’s most famous couples got married and to which millions of people flock. In addition, there are plans to check out the dangerous and attractive bullfight, take a walk around the center of London and definitely go to the Louvre. Also marked on the route map are Mexico, the USA and Japan. The show can be seen from February 14 to March 9.

Photo: press service

You can extend the feeling of the holiday and have a piece of Vegas in your wardrobe thanks to the Love Vegas collection, which was released in honor of Valentine’s Day by Monochrome and Crave. Why Vegas? Looking at its history, it is inspiring to see the constant evolution of infrastructure since the city’s founding – an ongoing process of evolution that resonates with both Monochrome and Crave.

The capsule collection includes hoodies, sweaters and T-shirts with accent prints and symbols in the style of Las Vegas. All products are already available in all brand stores and online. The image campaign was filmed at the Crave Theater, and the main characters of Love Story were the Crave Airlines show artists Rinal Mukhametov and Daria Asiatseva.