More effective than a rasp, this miracle treatment is perfect for soft and smooth feet

More effective than a rasp, this miracle treatment is perfect for soft and smooth feet

Spring marks the return of sandals and other bare feet. But after months spent in sneakers and ankle boots, our feet need miracle care to display smooth skin. Here is THE treatment to apply when the sunny days arrive.

Dry foot problems can have several causes: poor choice of shoes, showers or baths that are too hot, being overweight or obese, or poor hydration. When the sunny days arrive, showing off beautiful feet is sometimes a challenge for all those who have dry skin. We have found THE miracle product for smooth and soft feet.

TLC Glycolic Body Lotion from Drunk Elephant, the ideal ally for beautiful feet

Certain treatments intended for the face can also be used for the rest of the body. This is particularly the case for the T.LC Glycolic Body Lotion from the Drunk Elephant brand. Formulated from a blend of alpha-hydroxy glycolic, tartaric, lactic and citric acids; This lotion gently exfoliates the skin, targeting dull and uneven areas. Its application on the feet is therefore perfect for obtaining smoother and softer skin. As a bonus, it contains vegetable oils and hydrating butters such as green tea seed, passion fruit, apricot, marula and shea to soothe and intensely hydrate the epidermis.

Glycolic acid, a magical ingredient

The secret of this lotion? The glycolic acid it contains. In fact, this active ingredient helps prevent brown spots (mostly on the face), but also improves healing, eliminates dead cells, erases skin irregularities and acts on skin aging. It is these different actions that allow us to deeply repair the damage caused by the winter period on our feet (closed shoes, hot/cold, lack of hydration, etc.).

How to use the lotion?

To display pretty feet when the sunny days arrive, we advise you to follow these few steps:

  • Apply this lotion once a day after washing (on dry feet);
  • Apply the treatment by massaging your skin until completely absorbed;
  • If you have roughness, focus on these areas.

Finally, don’t forget the manicure of your toenails which allows you to finalize your beauty look.

Bad habits that ruin our feet

Slide: Bad habits that ruin our feet