‘Mushroom Bob’: this retro-inspired cut will be on everyone’s heads in 2024

'Mushroom Bob': this retro-inspired cut will be on everyone's heads in 2024

Long bob, wavy bob, plunging bob, or even fuzzy bob, the essential bob has dominated hair trends for several years now. And 2024 will be no exception, as shown by the latest fad of the moment: the ‘mushroom bob’. This cut with a regressive name, which is reminiscent of a famous character from the Super Mario Bros. universe, combines elegance and relaxation, right on trend of the moment.

What haircut will you dare to adopt in 2024? If the bob is not given to everyone, if only because it requires sacrificing a (good) part of one’s hair, it is clear that it is currently causing a sensation. Many celebrities have radically changed their minds – although often occasionally – to make it their own. Eva Longoria, Charlize Theron, Jenna Ortega, Zendaya, and even Taylor Swift are among those who have been convinced in 2023, and they could quickly be joined by a host of personalities about to adopt the ‘mushroom bob’, l one of the most popular cuts of the moment.

A single photo posted on Instagram was enough to take the ‘mushroom bob’ from an outdated retro cut to the trend of 2024. And it is to the American actress Megan Fox that we owe this phenomenon capillary. On November 8, the heroine of “Transformers” showed off on the social network totally transformed. And if the star has accustomed her fans to regularly changing her head in recent months, this new hair fad has not gone unnoticed: a specific bob, the ‘mushroom bob’, in flamboyant red. It didn’t take much to create an emulation, and raise this cut to the top of the hair trends of the moment.

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A mushroom square

However, it was not a given, the ‘mushroom bob’ not being one of the most popular cuts for women. In question ? Its resemblance, when very short, to the famous bowl cut that everyone has avoided for decades. And that’s not all, its very name recalls one of the iconic characters, but not necessarily hair-inspiring, from the famous game Super Mario Bros., namely Toad. Not enough to bring together the most influential celebrities on the planet… And yet, the casual chic style of this cut, which requires little maintenance, seems to convince the greatest number of people.

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But then, what is the ‘mushroom bob’? It is simply a square that reaches above the shoulders, sometimes shorter, taking the shape of the cap of a mushroom. Quite simply. While we cannot yet speak of a trend strictly speaking on social networks, hashtags dedicated to ‘mushroom bob’ already have tens of thousands of views on TikTok. On the celebrity side, as we have seen, Megan Fox has already adopted it, just like Lily Allen, Taylor LaShae (and Mireille Mathieu). A good reason to embrace the trend before the start of the new year.

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