“My hair is no longer growing”: 6 daily mistakes that explain why

“My hair is no longer growing”: 6 daily mistakes that explain why

Do you want to have long, healthy hair but your hair isn't growing fast enough for your liking? There is indeed an explanation… Here are six common mistakes that explain why your hair grows little.

Do you dream of long mermaid hair but unfortunately your hair seems to grow in slow motion? Or are they long but brittle and lack strength and seem fragile? You are surely making these mistakes which do not favor their growth.

Not eating a balanced diet

This is the first explanation for the lack of length in your hair. Indeed, we must not forget that hair is alive and requires nutrients to grow, nutrients that we provide to our body through food. Stock up on proteins, vitamins and iron to see a rapid difference in the growth of your hair, but also the quality of your hair.

You don't take care of them enough

To gain length, hair also requires external care. Masks based on natural products, oil baths… Many products are available on the market to maintain hair and nourish it from the outside. In addition to promoting growth, these treatments will allow your hair to regain shine and texture.

You never give yourself a scalp massage

Another little tip that promotes hair growth is scalp massage. Indeed, this simple gesture helps activate micro blood circulation under the skin and promote hair growth. It is possible to do it on dry hair or when shampooing: so adopt this reflex and you will see the difference on your lengths.

You wash your hair every day

People who have short hair tend to do this because their hair dries out quickly. However, this is a mistake: washing your hair daily is aggressive for the scalp. This also maintains the feeling of oily hair, because it stimulates the scalp which, in response, will produce more sebum. It is therefore better to avoid washing your hair every day, to restore its strength and reduce its greasy and brittle side.

You go to bed with wet hair

After a late shower, you don't want to use the hair dryer and opt for natural drying with your head wet on the pillow? That's a very bad idea ! Lying down with a wet head will dehydrate your hair, slowing down its growth and making it brittle. Better to wash your hair in the morning, for air drying. And if you have no choice but to wash them in the evening, dry them well in a microfiber towel, before finishing drying them with the hairdryer, set to the minimum heat intensity.

You don't have a silk or satin pillowcase

Do you have a cotton pillowcase? This is also a mistake that does not promote hair growth. Indeed, cotton tends to encourage friction, it absorbs all the sebum and hair care that we may have done and therefore leaves the hair dehydrated, weakened and brittle. The ideal is to opt for a silk or satin pillowcase, which is much gentler on the hair.

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