“My psychological support”: three things to know about the psychological support system

“My psychological support”: three things to know about the psychological support system

“A major cause of government action”, the mental health of young people is now among the major concerns of the executive, as Gabriel Attal announced during his general policy declaration. Something which will involve the overhaul of the “My psychological support” system put in place in 2022 to facilitate access to psychological support. Reimbursement, care process, people concerned: we tell you everything about this aid which is supposed to help fight against the unhappiness of the population.

We will continue to act for children, particularly children in danger“. It is in these terms that Prime Minister Gabriel Attal addressed the aspect on the mental health of youth during his speech to the National Assembly, Tuesday January 30, specifying that “unhappiness, depression, and suicidal thoughts (had) progressed greatly among our young people“. Among “the clear and immediate measures” set out by the former Minister of National Education and Youth, is the “from top to bottom” overhaul of the “My psychological support” system.

Launched in 2022 under the name “Mon Parcours Psy”, the psychological support system has not met with the expected success, and is therefore preparing to experience certain changes. “We must be lucid, this system had a good intention but it did not give the expected results“, recognized Gabriel Attal during his general policy declaration. And to announce two flagship measures intended to develop this program which is not yet unanimous. Here are three things to know to know it better, understand it and enjoy.

What is this ?

First thing to know: it is a device and not a platform in its own right. It is not a question of connecting to the internet and accessing various aids and solutions, but of following a very specific care path. The objective is simple: to simplify access to psychological support for those who need it. The course begins (well, that was before) with a consultation with the attending physician, who can direct the patient to the system: an assessment interview with the partner psychologist, then, depending on their condition, seven sessions of psychological follow-up reimbursed. At the end of these sessions, the support may stop or be better adapted via new support.

The change: Gabriel Attal announced an evolution of this care pathway. With the idea of ​​further simplifying access to this support, it will now be possible to access psychologists directly without having to go through your attending physician.

Who is concerned ?

The ‘My psychological support’ system is aimed at people aged 3 and over (children, adolescents and adults), experiencing mental suffering of mild to moderate intensity.“, we can read on the Health Insurance website. And to specify that this distress can manifest itself as well by a feeling of anxiety, stress, depression, or sleep disorders, as by consumption ( or dependence depending on the patient’s age) tobacco, alcohol, or cannabis, or even eating disorders. So many signs that can alert you and lead you to turn to “My psych support”.

A priori, if we stick to the Prime Minister’s speech, there will be no change in the people affected by the system. He did not mention it, even though the announcement of this measure is part of a section on the mental health of young people, specifically.

What reimbursement?

If you meet all the conditions to benefit from the system, you can be offered a maximum of eight sessions of psychological support per calendar year. According to the Health Insurance website, this translates into a first assessment session reimbursed at 40 euros, as well as seven follow-up sessions reimbursed at 30 euros for each session.

Change : “We are going to increase the price of the reimbursed consultation to limit the remaining costs for young patients and their families as much as possible.“, announced Gabriel Attal. Those affected by the system should therefore soon benefit from a reimbursed rate higher than that mentioned above, but the Prime Minister has not yet given any amount.