Myriam Catania is moved and remembers her love for Luca Argentero

Myriam Catania

Guest of Barbara D'Urso, Myriam Catania is moved by talking about the accident and love for Luca Argentero

Myriam Catania, guest of Domenica Live, is moved remembering the very serious accident she experienced a few years ago and the love for Luca Argentero who did not abandon her in those difficult moments. "I was on a moped, I had just bought a house and I didn't know the streets well – recalled the former GF Vip star, in Barbara D’Urso's studio -. A stop had been removed, and the writing on the ground had been erased (in fact the municipal government agreed with me). A car hit me full in the face. I got up and called my dad, I was lucid, but I don't remember anything. Mom told me almost everything, I have flashes of the hospital ".

Myriam has few memories of the days in the hospital, during which her mother Rossella Izzo and Luca Argentero, her boyfriend at the time, never left her alone. “Luca remained seated on the ground, he never got up. I told him: "Will you wait for me?" and he replied: "I will always wait for you" – he explained -. They did a maxillofacial operation, they guaranteed me that I would be back as before because I had cut myself. They "took off" my face and put screws to realign the fractures. My mom blacked out the mirrors so I wouldn't see my face. When I saw myself, however, I was so happy to be alive that I was smiling. Even if I didn't return as before, I was grateful for life. I never talk about it, I can't hold back the tears ”.

Myriam, who attended Sunday Live with her partner Quentin, did not hold back her tears as she recalled the difficult year she lived after the terrible accident. Love with Luca Argentero fell through in 2016. Today the actress is linked to the French advertiser with whom she had a son, but the relationship with her ex-husband is excellent. Argentero, after the love story with Catania, has found a smile next to Cristina Marino. The influencer and the actor recently became parents of little Nina Speranza. “He was very close to me”, explained Myriam, referring to Luca and remembering a love that, despite being over, has given her very happy years and a wonderful memory.

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