New recall of white ham sold throughout Europe

New recall of white ham sold throughout France

Due to a risk of contamination by a cleaning product, a new batch of white ham is the subject of a massive recall, which concerns the whole of Europe.

Widely consumed by young and old, white ham is the subject of a new recall. Be careful, therefore, if you have this white ham in your fridge, you should not eat it.

White ham in a tray

The white ham concerned is a ham sold in 150 gram trays, from the Nous anti-waste brand, entitled “Superior ham stewed without rind“. It was sold throughout Europe between February 7 and March 9, 2024 by Carrefour.

Its references are as follows:

  • Food / Meats Stewed superior ham without rind
  • Brand: We are anti-waste
  • Model or reference: Superior quality cooked ham, skinned and defatted, Brand: Nous ANTI GASPI
  • • GTIN 3760361360881 Lot 1238728 Use-by date 03/03/2024
  • • GTIN 376036136088 Lot 1240180 Use-by date 03/09/2024
  • Packaging: Tray of Slices – 150g
  • Marketing date: 02/07/2024
  • End of marketing date: 03/09/2024
  • Storage temperature: Product to be stored in the refrigerator
  • Health mark: FR 14 752 020 CE
  • Geographical sales area: entire Europe
  • Distributors: CARREFOUR

A ham to bring back to the store

This is not a bacterial contamination but a chemical contamination causing an abnormal taste caused by potential contamination by a cleaning product. Customers can return the product for a refund until the recall end date: March 15, 2024. A contact number has been set up: 02 31 25 50 50.

This recall follows another concerning white ham distributed by the Casino networks.