New vaccination campaign against Covid-19 from April 15

New vaccination campaign against Covid-19 from April 15

A new vaccination session against Covid-19 will be offered for people most at risk, from April 15 to June 16. If necessary, this vaccination window may be extended by one month, if the health and epidemiological situation requires it.

Vaccination against Covid-19 remains necessary for the most vulnerable among us. In a few days, on April 15, a new vaccination campaign will begin, which should extend until June 16, 2024. It could also, if the situation requires, be extended by one month.

Who are the people affected by this vaccination booster?

As a reminder, the people who must receive this booster vaccination, three months after their last infection or their last vaccination, are:

  • people aged 80 and over;
  • immunocompromised patients, regardless of their age;
  • residents of accommodation establishments for dependent elderly people and long-term care units, regardless of their age;
  • and all people at very high risk according to each individual medical situation and within the framework of a medical decision.

Why do this new recall?

“Doing your booster during the spring will allow you to be protected during the summer period, particularly during Olympic and Paralympic Games during which the movement of people from all over the world could encourage an epidemic wave” can we read on the website.

Regarding how to go about it, nothing has changed. All you need to do is make an appointment with your healthcare professional (general practitioner, nurse, midwife, etc.) in order to benefit from the injection. No specific document is required to be presented.

Questioned, Dr. Gérald Kierzek, emergency physician and medical director of TipsForWomens, believes that this is a standardization of medical practices. “The vaccination against Covid-19 must only target the most vulnerable people. This is what we are now doing by offering the vaccine only to people who need it, with a case-by-case study.“.