Night cream, sparkle palette, jelly scrub and other beauty news of the week

Night cream, sparkle palette, jelly scrub and other beauty news of the week

Mila Marcel Beauty has released a limited-edition body care collection

The Lovely Moments collection includes two products: shower gel and body milk with a delicate aroma of cherry and almond petals. The formulas are based on cherry extract, shea butter and almond oil, which instantly moisturize and nourish the skin. Products from the limited collection can be purchased individually or in sets in gift wrapping. In addition to products, the cosmetic bag also includes a brooch-clip in the shape of a flower made of natural goose feather.

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Dr. Barbara Sturm has created a new anti-aging night cream for the face

A new product from the German brand – anti-aging night face cream Super Anti-aging Night Cream – is aimed at supporting skin renewal, which most actively occurs at night. To ensure that your skin looks fresh, firm and radiant in the morning, the three-component DBS Night System, powerful moisturizing polyglutamic acid (five times stronger than hyaluronic acid), antioxidant-rich avocado peptides, as well as hyaluronic acid and purslane, are added to the formula. strengthen the natural skin barrier. The cream also contains nonapeptide-1, which activates microcirculation.

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Artistic & Co has released High Line No. 3 Perfect Cream

The High Line line is replenished with cream No. 3 Perfect Cream, which fights age-related changes, nourishes the skin, restores its elasticity and activates cellular renewal. This result is the merit of a formula based on fullerenes, the strength of which is five times greater than that of vitamin C. They help activate the synthesis of structure-forming components and protect the skin from free radicals. The formula also includes a complex of oligo- and polypeptides, which improves blood circulation, stimulates cell regeneration, and activates the synthesis of its own collagen and elastin. There were also plant extracts, wasabi root enzyme and Damask rose flower oil.

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Romanovamakeup has a new eye shadow palette Magic Sparkles

Olga Romanova presented a palette that included sparkle shadows. Despite the shine and shimmer, the shades turned out to be universal: golden beige, soft pink, platinum and chameleon green. Thanks to the talc-free powder-gel formula, they are easy to apply to the skin, do not clump or lose shine throughout the day. They can be used on their own or layered over other eyeshadows to create a more dramatic look.

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Caudalie has developed two foundations

The French brand introduced two new products in the Vinocrush line. The foundation contains proprietary organic grape water, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide and olive squalane, as well as mineral pigments, which are enclosed in plant microcapsules that preserve pigments from oxidation. The fluid instantly adapts to the skin tone and makes it radiant, hiding imperfections and dark circles under the eyes.

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The second new product is bronzing powder, which gives the skin a tan tone. The product includes natural mica, which enhances the smoothing effect, as well as nourishing grape seed oil. The powder is suitable for any skin type, including sensitive ones.

Toplash Cosmetics has released an eyeliner with a stamp for the eyes

The Irish brand has become famous for its eyebrow growth products. Now in its assortment there is a super-long-lasting black eyeliner with the Eyeliner and Wing stamp. Due to the double-sided format, it allows you to draw arrows of any complexity. On one side of the eyeliner there is a thin applicator to draw an arrow, and on the other there is a stamp that will replace the complex drawing of its tip.

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SmoRodina has updated its collection of body scrubs

The updated collection of body scrubs and jelly includes five products based on sugar and sea salt. Each scrub includes particles of different shapes and sizes, selected in such a way that the process is not only effective, but also comfortable. In addition, due to the jelly-like texture, scrubs do not fall off during bathing.

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The collection includes:

  • “Blackcurrant” with freeze-dried blackcurrant berries and strawberry “seeds”;
  • “Tropical Coconut” with natural coconut flakes;
  • “Raspberry tart” with freeze-dried cherries, cocoa and ground coffee beans;
  • “Lavender” with lavender flowers.

Love Tea Art has released a collection of candles “Blooming Garden”

The new collection of candles “Blooming Garden” includes three scents:

  • Delicate “Primroses” – notes of white petals, citruses, white tea and musk.
  • Invigorating “Wildflowers” ​​- citrus fruits, green tea, jasmine and peony.
  • Spicy “Apple Blossom” – nutmeg and vanilla.
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All candles are made by hand. The glass is decorated with a floral pattern made with gold leaf.

A new beauty salon SLOWMO Beauty & Cosmetology opened in Moscow

A new beauty salon SLOWMO Beauty & Cosmetology “Khamovniki” has appeared in the capital (Usacheva St., 15). This is already the third network space. Unlike the flagship space on Tsvetnoy, the new place turned out to be more intimate. Here, the founder of SLOWMO Olga Tarasova focused on cosmetology and simultaneously carrying out the maximum number of procedures in special rooms.

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The new salon (like the other two) offers a large range of services, but some programs and devices are available only in Khamovniki, for example, thalassotherapy for face and body from the French brand Thalion. In addition, this salon welcomes Dmitry Pavlov, a cosmetologist and doctor of personalized medicine, who has developed his own original rejuvenation programs that combine various injection and hardware techniques.

Any body studio has prepared gifts for March 8

From March 8 to 15 at any body studio (22 Klimashkina St.), when signing up for any type of massage, the client will receive any of three body skin care procedures from the menu as a gift:

  • Body nutrition – the massage therapist applies a nourishing and moisturizing butter to the body using a special technique;
  • Gentle hands – nourishing glove mask based on urea and a plant complex moisturizes and smoothes the skin of the hands;
  • Food for foot – a moisturizing mask-socks will soften the skin of the feet, improve microcirculation and relieve tension from tired legs.
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