Nutri-Score: (stricter) changes from January 2024

Nutri-Score: (stricter) changes from January 2024

The Nutri-Score will have a new look in 2024. The opportunity for consumers to better find their way around the shelves… and above all to eat better.

The news just came. From January 1, 2024, the Nutri-Score labeling system changes to better correspond to dietary recommendations.

Processed products will be penalized

The Nutri-Score will tighten its rules from January 1: products that contain too much sugar, sweeteners, fats or salts will be rated more harshly. The device will also be more demanding with fibers and proteins.

This new algorithm is stricter, but it is also more effective for health and it will be more effective for the consumer“, assures Serge Hercberg, professor of nutrition at Sorbonne Paris Nord University and designer of this assessment tool.

In total, five product categories are affected by these changes:

  • The oils ;
  • The fish ;
  • The cereals ;
  • Meats ;
  • Processed products (cooked meals to reheat, frozen pizzas, very sweet cereals, etc.).

According to BFMTV, certain products will no longer be able to claim a good rating (A or B). Red meats, for example, will be rated lower than poultry.

Conversely, products good for health will see their rating increase.

This is particularly the case for less fatty oils, such as olive, rapeseed or walnut. Same thing for salmon and other fatty fish.

Finally, whole grains (based on buckwheat, bulgur, millet, oat groats, oat flakes, etc.) will see their rating increase, compared to refined ones.

The least fatty and salty cheeses, such as Emmental, will obtain a C, while the others will remain in D or E“, Serge Hercberg also told HuffPost last April.

NO to diets, YES to WW!

Milk drinks enter the arena

While they were previously spared from the famous labeling system, milk, milk drinks and vegetable drinks will now be noted.

Strangely, while skimmed and semi-skimmed milks will retain their precious green color, plant-based milks will be rated less well.

This is the case for plant-based drinks from the famous Bjorg brand, which should go from grade “A” or “B” to “D” or “E”.

To remedy this, the group decided – quite simply – to remove Nutri-Score from its packaging.

Because, should we remember it? The Nutri-Score is unfortunately not yet mandatory.