On our own wavelength: choosing glasses from the Berlin brand Eigengrau

On our own wavelength: choosing glasses from the Berlin brand Eigengrau

The name of the German brand Eigengrau (“Eigengrau”) is a designation of the color that each of us sees when our eyes are closed. The term belongs to the 19th century German philosopher Gustav Fechner, who devoted his life to exploring the mysteries of perception. The brand philosophy is based on the theory of vibration and the fundamentals of neurophysiology. Scientific research has found that colors have different effects on people. By working with a color filter, you can adjust your perception of reality to a frequency that corresponds to a specific emotion. It is this principle that is embodied in the limited collections of the Berlin brand.

Eigengrau glasses are made in specific shades. The models are named after the frequency to which they transfer the vision of their owner, and their shades are carefully selected by the German designer in accordance with the message they convey. Each pair is engraved with a specific statement on the temple. All colors of the products correspond to their own affirmation – the emotional mood that the owner of the glasses receives.

The creator of Eigengrau, Rossana Podlesetsky, received three higher educations in Europe and the USA, including an MBA degree from INSEEC Paris. She began her career at L’Oreal in Central Europe, then moved to the optical industry and spent ten years in this field. Rossana has worked with world-class optical brands that use premium materials – gold, horn, Italian acetate, platinum. Therefore, when she wanted to create her own eyewear brand, she decided to use the highest quality materials. In addition, Rossana was passionate about studying the laws of energy, which formed the basis of her own company.

“Everything around us is energy,” says Rossana Podlesetsky. – And not only people, things, but also emotions, thoughts, sounds and colors. The latter have a certain vibration frequency. We developed every model in the collection based on this idea.” On the temple of the 528 Hz glasses model, which is made in green, is engraved: “I am love.” Why is this phrase included? “Green is made up of atoms,” says the brand’s founder. — Scientists have proven that everything around us is atoms, including colors, which constantly move in space with different vibration frequencies. The atoms of the split green color vibrate with the frequency of the emotion we call love. Based on the laws of physics, we know that like attracts like, which means we have the power to change ourselves. As we peer through the green lens, we unknowingly attract what is similar to us, which changes our own perception. This is how the magic of vibrations works.”

Rossana Podlesetsky

Rossana Podlesetsky

In 2023, Rossana Podlesetsky took on an interesting experiment – creating glasses using artificial intelligence. “If you strike a balance between AI and human ingenuity, the potential of design will be revealed even more,” the brand’s founder comments on the collection. “It is important to support the harmonious coexistence of AI and designers, using technology to enhance their creativity rather than replace it.”

The process of working with artificial intelligence is endless, she says: “Once you start testing, it’s hard to stop. This is not one, not two or three attempts. When I started diving into the field of artificial intelligence several years ago, when it first came out, I spent all my free time experimenting with design.”

It took about 2 thousand attempts to create the desired shape. Inspired by 3D glasses from movie theaters in the 1990s. “These glasses slightly changed the picture of our reality when we put them on,” says the designer. “The idea was to make not just a futuristic accessory with meaning, but also a wardrobe item that would become a stylish addition that would highlight the look.”

It took six months to finalize the technical aspects, after which production of the limited collection began. The result was 221 Hz glasses. The model has a graphic design and plays on the contrast of warm and cold shades. The “I am powerful” engraving on the temple is designed to inspire and instill self-confidence. The lenses are made from durable nylon, which is used in the construction of aircraft and spacecraft. The glasses are made by hand at the brand’s own production facility. Only 300 copies were produced.

The 396 Hz model should set its owner to “ground”, that is, to search for support within himself. 528 Hz has a bold shape that should help focus on achieving harmony, while 852 Hz will help awaken intuition, inner strength and energy.

The brand’s collection is updated twice a year, in February and September, but there are also off-season drops – the Eigengrau team will introduce new ones in May.