“Orange peel theory”: ready to measure your love with orange peels?

“Orange peel theory”: ready to measure your love with orange peels?

What if love was measured by orange peels? Although the idea may seem preposterous, it is actually the name of a hashtag widely shared on TikTok, the “Orange peel theory”. TipsForWomens, with the help of Siyana Mincheva, psychologist, deciphers this new trend.

On social networks, trivial facts can lead to big thoughts. This is the case of the #orangepeeltheory, or the orange peel theory, which could reveal the state of your romantic relationship.

What is the “Orange peel theory”?

Popularized by the social network TikTok, this orange peel theory links sincere love and the peel of the fruit.

If you find the idea strange, that’s normal: it’s actually about making the connection between small daily attentions, like a partner who peels an orange for you – even though you hate doing it – and therefore reveals the the status of your romantic relationship. This trend actually highlights the act of making something simple, for someone. A banal act which would demonstrate the importance he or she attaches to others.

Besides, this can apply to romantic relationships, but not only. Helping a loved one, a relative or a friend by doing a small, simple act also shows how much you care about them.

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The importance of little attentions in the couple

This theory would therefore allow you to realize the attentions that your partner can provide for you. Why are they important in the couple?

According to psychologist Siyana Mincheva, “l“little attentions in the couple are simple and free gestures of love which are not a duty but allow the other to feel recognized in the relationship”. The expert goes further by explaining that these small, banal gestures actually allow “to ease tensions and make daily life more satisfying”.

These little touches increase the feeling of gratitude, and make him feel recognized and considered for his value and his commitment to the couple.” she presses again. “This shows that we admire the other and that we appreciate them. Their partner, in return, gains self-esteem and this reinforces their feeling of feeling loved.”

Up to you !

If you’re looking for what to do, don’t rack your brains for too long. Prepare a coffee, carry out a simple task or do him a favor. Our expert sums up: “We often think that we have to do special and extraordinary things to maintain the relationship, but in reality small, simple things are enough.“…like peeling an orange then.