Paolo Kessisoglu and the moving memory of his parents, lost a few months apart

Paolo Kessisoglu and the moving memory of his parents, lost a few months apart
Paolo Kessisoglu and the moving memory of his parents, lost a few months apart

It is with a post shared on Instagram that Paolo Kessisoglu, actor, host and comedian of the duo “Luca and Paolo”, remembers his parents with sweet and moving words, both lost a few months apart from each other.

Paolo Kessisoglu and the loss of his parents

A reflection that comes from the heart, from the pain you feel in losing your reference points, and at the same time all that love you feel towards your parents even when they are gone. Paolo Kessisoglu shares a black and white photo of his parents with his 140,000 followers on Instagram, exchanging a tender kiss: “These are my parents. A few months apart, they greeted me. I spent more or less 150 days to dispose of and catalog (thanks for giving me a sister to share the experience with) everything that was there, everything that remained of a life, or rather two”, he writes.

Paolo Kessisoglu: “I discovered an unknown side”

“Strange things happen when you no longer have a wall to lean on behind you,” the actor continues in the caption that accompanies the photo of his parents. “I realized that my attention during the work went more to photos and documents that concerned their lives as people, not as parents. I found hundreds of love letters sent from the barracks where dad did his military service ( forgive me dad if I couldn’t resist reading some excerpts), photographs of engaged couples, travel documents. I discovered an unknown side, infinite sweetness, unknown dreams, passions that time and the role of educators had faded. I felt a new renewed esteem and an immense sense of gratitude to those who have given me a life and provided an example”.

Parents are, first and foremost, people

It is an honest and sincere confession, an awareness that he wants to share with his fans: we often forget that our parents don’t just have that role, but they are people, men and women with lives, passions, desires, dreams and a past of which we often do not care. “As a son, a role that unfortunately I can no longer exercise, I say that I would have loved to know much more about those two people, their dreams, expectations, renunciations and passions that perhaps I have never understood. To anyone, what son can yet to be, I say don’t forget that parents are first and foremost men. Thanks to mum and dad, thanks to Graziella and Pietro”, concludes Paolo.