Parents and teenagers: what if talking about higher education was no longer taboo?

Parents and teenagers: what if talking about higher education was no longer taboo?

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From the end of middle and high school, adolescents are faced with career choices. A delicate period, which can be a source of stress for children and parents alike. Here are OPCO Atlas’ tips for calming dialogue!

Career guidance: my teenager refuses to talk about it, what should I do?

If your child runs away dialogue, perhaps he feels stressed or misunderstood about his desires. It is important, then, as parents to be able to advise him without forcing his handnor impose your choices. Offer your help putting you on an equal footing. Listen and put yourself in the role of a advise.

Lost in his choices, how can I best help my child?

“I don’t know what to do next”, this phrase spoken by teenagers is much more common than we think. To best advise him, you can:

  • Help him define his desires: does he prefer to work alone or in a team? What sectors of activity drive it?
  • Share free orientation tests accessible online, like this one.
  • Look for concrete and serious information on dedicated orientation sites: job descriptions, decryption training, testimonials young people on work-study programs…
  • Take stock together of training, job opportunities and employment prospects.

As much resources to support your child towards informed choices.

Directing it towards sectors of the future: the key to success!

It’s normal to want a career for your child that is stimulating, diverse, fulfilling and full of opportunities… So why not explore the world of insurance with them?

Broker, marketing research manager or even customer advisor… With more than 140 varied and innovative professions serving individuals and businesses, insurance is a sector of activity with multiple possibilities for build your future career. Each year, there are more than 16,000 hires, including apprenticeship or work-study professionalization contracts. Enough to offer your child many opportunities employment and development in a constantly changing sector!


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