Physiotherapy, stretching exercises for those who sit too much – Video

Sitting for work every single day, for a good part of the day, with the muscles affected. In fact, we are not made to maintain the sitting position for too long. Muscles tend to contract and shorten, i intervertebral discs of theto vertebral column, i.e. i bearings that act as shock absorbers between the vertebrae, remain squeezed for too long. The risk of back pain and joint pain is strong.

He comes to our rescue iour Marcello Chiapponiphysiotherapist and personal trainer of L’Altra Riabilitazione, who proposes here some stretching exercises for those who sit for a long time. They are especially recommended before our day at the desk.

For the first exercise you need a rubber band, but a band or towel is also fine.

Watch the video!