Pierluigi Diaco, Monica Leofreddi confesses and talks about his life away from TV

Pierluigi Diaco, Monica Leofreddi confesses and talks about his life away from TV

Host of Io e Te, Pierluigi Diaco's program, Monica Leofreddi tells her life away from TV

Monica Leofreddi confesses to Me and You, telling Pierluigi Diaco the reasons for his departure from TV. Some time ago the presenter had vented on Instagram, revealing that she wanted to return to the small screen, but had no chance. "Although I'm not friends, I felt I had to give her this interview – said Diaco -. How is it possible that at some point in your career the management stopped and they called you only as a columnist? ".

"I don't know – replied the presenter -. Then we are many to do this job. In the first part of my life I started my job a bit because I am a shy and reserved person and I must say that meritocracy worked because I started as a correspondent and then always a little more. " After 18 years of apprenticeship, Monica has landed the management of Uno Mattina Estate and has worked alongside big names on TV such as Puccio Corona and Pippo Baudo.

"If you want to make television you have to pass by Pippo Baudo who was very attentive to everything – explained Monica, who in the past also conducted sports Sunday -. The night before, talking to a friend, I said that I would have liked to conduct sports Sunday having talked about sports for twenty years of my life. In the morning at nine I got a call from Marino Bartoletti and I hung up the phone and so three times because I thought it was a joke from a friend of mine. Then he made me call the secretariat and I went to him and asked me to conduct La Domenica Sportiva “.

"I have never been friends with the leaders of the conduction, however, I think I am esteemed," admitted Monica Leofreddi, who confessed to having an excellent relationship with her audience. "I left Italy on two after six years of conducting him – he recalled, speaking with Pierluigi Diaco -, because of the ladies who met me they told me to see me a little sad and I understood that my audience understood me because at that time I was dying with my dad and I had a new partner with whom I was building a life project, but the children did not arrive. "

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