Product alert: these prawns can cause food poisoning!

Product alert: these prawns can cause food poisoning!

Since this Thursday morning, batches of frozen prawns from the “Ronde des Mers” brand have been recalled. For what ? These products could lead to serious food poisoning. Explanations.

For seafood lovers, beware of prawns. Certain frozen prawns sold at E.LECLERC have been the subject of a recall since this morning. Indeed, they would be contaminated by a “flesh-eating” bacteria which would in certain cases cause significant symptoms.

Which prawns are affected?

The frozen prawns in question have the following information on the label:

  • Product category: Food
  • Sub-category : Fishing and aquaculture products
  • Marque : Round of the Seas
  • GTIN : 3564700484647
  • Lots concerned: those starting with 3F21 and DDM 06-2025
  • Minimum durability date: 30/06/2025
  • Packaging: 500g box
  • Start/end date of marketing: from 08/30/2023 to 01/10/2024
  • Storage temperature: Product to keep in the freezer
  • Health mark: 1840
  • Geographical sales area: Whole Europe
  • Distributors: E.LECLERC

What are the risks of poisoning?

If these prawns were recalled, it is because analyzes detected the presence of the bacteria “Vibrio Vulnificus”. The latter is also known as “flesh-eating bacteria” because the infection eats away the skin, muscles, nerves, fat and vessels around wounds.

In case of mild illness, symptoms may be: chills, fever, diarrhea, stomach pain and vomiting. In more serious cases of infection, the bacteria is very dangerous and can lead to sepsis and death.

Furthermore, if you have pre-existing injuries, skin infections may occur if contaminated prawns are handled.

In order to avoid such risks, it is recommended to no longer consume these prawns and to return them to the point of sale. For any further information, here is the contact number: Until March 10, 2024, it is possible to benefit from a refund.