Product recall: avocados recalled throughout Europe

Product recall: avocados recalled throughout France

Several batches of avocados are currently the subject of a recall throughout Europe. The reason ? They have excessive levels of pesticides.

If you were planning to prepare guacamole for your guests this evening, be careful. Marketed avocados reportedly contain excessive doses of pesticides.

Which batches are affected?

These are “Hass Colombie avocados from the Georges Helfer brand” marketed by Scarmor. To recognize them, the following references must be taken into account:

  • Food / Fruits and vegetables AVOCADO HASS COLOMBIA BR31987
  • Model or reference: Avocado bulk caliber 20 BR31987
  • • Lot BR31987 Packaging: BULK PACKAGE OF 4KG
  • Marketing date: 03/06/2024
  • Storage temperature: Product to be stored at room temperature
  • Geographical sales area: entire Europe
  • Distributors: SCARMOR

Exceeding authorized pesticide limits

If these batches were recalled, it is because it was noted that the authorized limits of pesticides were exceeded.

Consequently, the Rappel Conso website invites all consumers to no longer consume these avocados and to return them to the point of sale.